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Flourishing business from home beautifully growing thanks to cooperation with Raben Netherlands

The owner of Ideas 4 Seasons, Rudolf Vergeer, works from home. But you would not say that based on the size of the business… His company is a wholesaler for the wholesale florist market. It supplies nearly all the florists’ needs, except for the flowers themselves. With nearly 90 containers from China last year and 200 monthly shipments to its customers, his company is likely to grow 10-20% a year.



Kit Xenon Tuning and Raben Group, team up for European distribution of car parts

“Nothing important has ever been accomplished without passion” – said Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.
Passion for cars and passion for sustainable transport brought Kit Xenon Tuning and Raben Group together in their European development.



Providing distribution to keep water flowing

Raben Netherlands and DAB Pumps, a leading multinational in water treatment and management technologies, started a long-term partnership in the beginning of 2023. The combination of an international network and extensive contract logistics services has convinced DAB Pumps to transfer their Benelux activities to Raben.



Packaging Innovation on the Move from Greece to Europe

Raben INTERTRANS has been providing transportation services to Megaplast S.A. exporting its goods to most European countries for the past three years. This partnership has been built on shared commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values. Over this time, both companies have developed a close and effective working relationship that has enabled them to provide reliable and sustainable transport solutions that meet the needs of Megaplast and its customers.