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One logistic solution for you

Experienced team of specialists

An experienced team of specialists

Flexibility with variable volumes

Flexibility for changing environment

Complex solutions in transport

Cost optimisation by using variable solutions

Trusted network of international partners

Reliable suppliers

  • Experienced team of specialists

    An experienced team of specialists

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Are you looking for a solution that will allow you to integrate your supply chain, optimize costs and performance?

As your 4 PL Logistics Operator, we can design and manage an entire supply chain for you. This service allow you to focus on your core business and product development. With over 90 years of experience in logistics industry, we can design the whole process, beginning from production supply, manufacturing support, through management of distribution to resellers and end customers. Finding the best global solutions for you is supported by extensive analytical process, constant improvements and planning.

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Our Management Services cover:

  • Operations: Planning, Customer Service, 24/7 stand-by service
  • Procurement & Supplier Management, Network Management & Improvement
  • Business Support: KPI Reporting , Management & Controlling, Cost Reporting, Quality Management
  • Finance & Administration:  Freight cost Settlement and Controlling
  • Implementation & IT: Implementation projects, Information Systems & TMS Solutions

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Finding the best solution is not a one-off task, but rather a constant process of fine-tuning the supply chain, data analysis and optimizing all used solutions. In these changing times, the flexibility and quick reaction to the changing environment is the key to success. Using our 4PL services, you can be sure that you put the whole supply chain in the hands of a team of professionals, eager to find only the optimal solutions with the best supplier. 

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