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We have drive!

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  • Award for recommendations for work

    Possibility of professional development

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Υπάλληλος αποθήκης Raben

Raben Group – People with Drive

We all have a DRIVE in Raben Group. It's been guiding us forever. This drive is energy and passion to act. It is the sum of unique qualities each of us has and the teamwork that make us strong.

Raben are People with drive who have been making the history of this company for 90 years. Our drive to logistics and depots located in 13 European countries allow us to actively operate in: Czechia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria.

Raben colleagues

Raben Group are people. People with drive!
You have it too!

  • Drivers - they have a drive to explore the world!
  • Drivers of the carriers - they have a drive to be in the right place!
  • Warehouse workers - they have a drive to create a well-knit team!
  • Office employees – they have a drive to create perfect solutions!
  • Students - they have a drive to gain experience! 

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What is our Drive?
Ewald Raben, the CEO of Raben Group, will tell you all about it!

People in Raben Group are

  • Active and ambitious

    We are filled with energy and the will to develop. We are constantly on the move, literally - driving on roads and highways or warehouse aisles, and metaphorically - improving and learning new things, meeting new people, facing new challenges.
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What differentiates people who work in Raben? 

The DRIVE. You can see it at first sight. Their smiling and optimistic faces cause that the world ‘impossible’ in not in Raben vocabulary. We want our DRIVE to infect others ! Watch the video.

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