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    Daily connections with retail networks worlwide

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Our offer for you

We offer co-manufacturing and co-packing services for customers seeking new and optimised business solutions. We manufacture and pack goods for individual orders and for large promotional actions.  To make sure the customer receives everything in time, we manage the entire logistics process.


Our services consist in:

  • Packing the goods: boxes, multi-packs, flow-packs, sleeves, blisters
  • Re-packing for retail networks: stands, display pallets, SRP/RRP packing for retailers
  • Production of sets: basic, seasonal, advent calendars
  • Joining products: application of heat-shrink film, sleeves, bands and others
  • Labelling: manual, automatic, jet print, excise stamps, label printing
  • Management of production components
  • Processes: passive co-packing (to stock), active co-packing (per order), MTO (labelling products covered by an order).