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FMCG non food

Your products are close to us

Modern infrastructure

Modern warehouse dedicate for ADR

Own groupage network

Specialized transport network

Modern IT systems

Modern IT systems

Dedicated customer services

Dedicated experts for logistics of your products

Separate network and team for ADR transport

Separate ADR transport network and team

  • Modern infrastructure

    Modern warehouse dedicate for ADR

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Raben for FMCG nonfood

Non-food FMCG products have long become a daily part of our lives. For us, consumers, it is hard to imagine living without them. Our job in logistics is to create sustainable supply chains for this industry. We know these products well - how to store and distribute them, so that they reach consumers safely and in time.

Business partners working with us benefit from:

  • employees and fleet ready for seasonality,
  • fixed unloading time windows at end buyers,
  • fleet and handling terminals ready for various products, including dangerous (ADR) goods,
  • specialized handling equipment in our warehouses and dedicated solutions for stacking white goods in our warehouse.

Our certificates: ISO, SMETA, OHSAS, SQAS.

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Sustainable solutions for the industry

Currently, many organisations are working towards sustainable production. As a logistics operator, we support your pro-environmental efforts with our sustainable supply chain. We regularly measure CO2 and systematically replace older trucks with new ones that satisfy the latest greenhouse gases emission requirements and we have applied numerous pro-ecology solutions to further save natural resources. Finally, we neutralise our environmental impact by organising tree planting events. To learn more, read about CSR efforts at www.csr.raben-group.com.

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