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Megaplast and Raben INTERTRANS: Packaging Innovation on the Move from Greece to Europe


Raben INTERTRANS has been providing transportation services to Megaplast S.A. exporting its goods to most European countries for the past three years. Megaplast was established in 1995 and it supplies markets with a complete range of innovative packaging materials. For over 20 successful years Megaplast has been constantly striving for excellence to ensure customer satisfaction. This partnership has been built on shared commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values. Over this time, both companies have developed a close and effective working relationship that has enabled them to provide reliable and sustainable transport solutions that meet the needs of Megaplast and its customers.

“At Raben INTERTRANS, one of our most important goals is to support Greek export companies effectively and responsibly creating the best services for the fast and safe access of innovative & proven quality Greek products to the European market,” mentions Sarantos Kapourelakos, Head of Sales and Customer Care - Piraeus Branch Manager, Raben INTERTRANS and adds that “One of the most important and most innovative Greek companies is Megaplast with which we have a strategic partnership regarding the transport and distribution of innovative Megaplast products to its partners throughout Europe.”

At the heart of  this partnership is the common understanding that the transport industry plays a significant role in reducing the environmental impact of the global trade. Both Raben INTERTRANS and Megaplast have established techniques to measure and minimize the carbon footprint of their activities. Raben INTERTRANS is proud to be a member of Raben Group, whose mission for the years to come is to run a business driven by sustainability. To achieve its ambitions, Raben Group has adopted a Sustainability Strategy for 2021-2025 and thus received a silver award in the EcoVadis 2023 rating! Megaplast also holds Silver Certificate for CSR by EcoVadis, which is one of the world's most trusted corporate sustainability ratings for companies. Raben INTERTRANS, as a transport operator, has worked on optimizing transport routes, reducing fuel consumption, and considering the energy efficiency of its subcontractors’ vehicles.

We have been working with Raben INTERTRANS for almost 4 years:  about 2 years with a contract and before those another 2 years with spot offers. What we appreciate the most about our cooperation is the competitive prices, the quality and honesty of the company,” comments Kostas Chalkiadakis, Purchase and Transport Manager, Megaplast.

A key aspect of this partnership has been shared commitment to ethical business practices. Both companies believe that it is essential to operate in a transparent and responsible manner, taking into account the impact of their activities on the wider world.

“We honor our particularly important cooperation with Megaplast, and we will continue with consistency and a sense of responsibility to develop our services in order to practically support the development of our strategic cooperation,” says Sarantos Kapourelakos.

Over the past three years, both companies have developed a close and effective working relationship that has enabled them to provide reliable and sustainable transport solutions which meet the needs of Megaplast and its customers. Through shared commitment to CSR and ESG values, Partners hope that they have managed to reduce the environmental impact of transport operations, and believe that this partnership could be an example of how companies can work together to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

“We are always moving forward with green development-oriented collaborations, as in the case with our collaboration with Raben INTERTRANS. We are a company aware of green development, so with our new products we make sure to keep quality and durability at a high level so that the user uses a smaller number of products for the same use,” says Kostas Chalkiadakis.

Raben INTERTRANS, both through the own network of Raben Group and its trusted partners, moves Megaplasts’ products to: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland & Sweden.

“In addition to our shared values ​​and sensitivity to environmental issues, we systematically invest in the creation of new services and responses, creating goodwill from synergies, making the most of Raben Group's owned network in 15 European countries, in order to constantly offer new solutions for better service of Megaplasts transportation project”, added Sarantos Kapourelakos.

Raben INTERTRANS provides a range of services to help exporters efficiently handle the transport of goods, including new technologies (cargo tracking, e-POD, EDI, CRM, fleet management), high standards of transport safety (e.g. ADR), traceability of shipments (Track & Trace) and online interface between all depots. With the expertise and experience of Raben INTERTRANS, exporters can ensure reliable and efficient transport solutions to help them move their products across Europe.


Panagiotis Ntalagiannis

Marketing and Communication Specialist