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Raben Netherlands and DAB Pumps, a leading multinational in water treatment and management technologies, started a long-term partnership in the beginning of 2023. The combination of an international network and extensive contract logistics services has convinced DAB Pumps to transfer their Benelux activities to Raben.

For both parties, the partnership has an important strategic value in strengthening and developing international activities. With its own distribution network in 15 European countries with over 160 own branches, Raben Group provides an integrated supply chain solution with which DAB Pumps benefits from customer-oriented solutions, such as excellent traceability of shipments, fast and reliable leadtimes and a good connection to the Raben Group countries, including Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

From its distribution center in Etten-Leur, Raben takes care of the storage and distribution of all DAB products. With a combination of additional services, Raben provides a complete logistic solution, giving DAB Pumps more means to focus on its core business. To enable efficient and reliable distribution of goods, advanced control systems of both parties are implemented with EDI.

‘’In 2022 a dedicated international team in DAB developed the new Distribution set up in Europe for the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland. The outsourcing solution was studied aligned to our mission in DAB Distribution Strategy: Tailored solutions for specific market needs. The aim is to offer a high level of reliability on our Logistic service level, increasing the awareness of our customers’ needs and achieve the flexibility on changes that the market is requiring,” says Claudia Bocchese, Group distribution manager at DAB Pumps S.p.a.


"With our geographically convenient location between the world ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, as well as our strong intermodal connection with Italy, we can serve a large network from our logistic center in Etten-Leur. We are proud that DAB Pumps appreciates our approach and efforts to build a modern and efficient distribution network. For Raben the cooperation with the company means an opportunity for development, new challenges, but also great satisfaction that such a well-known and respected brand expresses confidence in us,” says Emiel Kriesels, Sales Manager at Raben Netherlands B.V.


Farlo Stolk

Marketing specialist

Raben Netherlands B.V.