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Taste of highland tradition at your fingertips!

Have you ever wondered what delicious highland specialities are on your table? Thanks to us, you can reach for your favourite ingredients and products from different parts of the world. We invite you on an aromatic and tasty journey, where the beautiful smoke from the smokehouses fills the air.



Taste logistics with Raben East and gastronomy excellence with Multi Gastro

Poland's proximity to Eastern countries presents significant trade opportunities. Its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe positions it as a gateway for trade between Eastern and Western markets. Leveraging these geographical advantages, Raben East and Multi Gastro meets to cooperate. Raben East and Multi Gastro has been cooperating in a field of professional catering equipment distribution from Turkey to Poland.

This collaboration capitalizes on the high-quality products in culinary industry through streamlined logistics and efficient distribution channels. Raben East ensures the seamless transportation of goods from Turkey to Poland, while Multi Gastro serves as a trusted supplier, providing comprehensive support and services to catering establishments across the country.



Distribution of kindness

Thanks to transport, goods from Greece will reach store shelves in Germany or Poland. Co-packing will ensure that sets composed of your favorite products will also appear there. As you can see, logistics can connect in many ways… This time we're showing how it connects people in wise helping. We also want to show you that the Noble Gift (Szlachetna Paczka) is not just an action that takes place once a year.


International logistics

UTT and Raben together for three years

It was already three years ago when UTT Europe, a clothing distributor company, selected Raben Hungary as its transportation partner. The key factor of the two companies’ successful cooperation is the fact that Raben is one of the strongest logistics operators in Europe. Another common feature that links the two businesses is their commitment to sustainability.


International logistics company

Kit Xenon Tuning and Raben Group, team up for European distribution of car parts

“Nothing important has ever been accomplished without passion” – said Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.
Passion for cars and passion for sustainable transport brought Kit Xenon Tuning and Raben Group together in their European development.


International combined transport

“Made in Italy” all over Europe

How is Made in Italy so successful throughout Europe and around the world? To find out more about how and where the excellence of a textile product known and exported in Europe and around the world comes from, we took a tour of the heart of Parà logistics, in Sovico (MB). How are these fabrics distributed in every corner of the world? Our Italian Business Unit Raben SITTAM has the pleasure since 30 years of transporting their goods daily, whatever the final destination is. Discover excellence, with Raben!


International logistics company


How it happens that Cypriot hallumi is always fresh at your fingertips?

The journey starts on the goat farm in Cyprus. In order to retain its taste and quality, it must be stored and transported under special conditions at controlled temperatures at all times. And it reaches individual European countries by ship. We invite you to learn more about the journey of hallumi from farm to fork. 


International food transport

Bonduelle and Raben - Green Partnership

Bonduelle, a world leader in the production and processing of vegetables, expands its cooperation with Raben Group. Due to the successful cooperation of the companies in Hungary, it was only natural that when choosing a logistics partner for the Polish market, Bonduelle decided to trust a proven partner and place its goods in the Raben green warehouse in Ruda Śląska. As well as developing side by side, the companies also have a similar approach to doing business.


International food logistics

Automatic sorter system for MAKRO

In order to meet the market requirements and customer expectations, Raben Logistics Polska has marked another point on the logistic map of Poland by opening, together with a long-term customer - MAKRO Cash & Carry Polska, a new warehouse in Adamów near Warsaw. In the facility with an area of 33,000 sqm, have been applied many solutions that increase not only the efficiency of the process, but also safety of employees.


Packaging logistics

Turning waste into resource - RafCycle by UPM Raflatac in Raben

Did you know that label’s liners don’t have to be a non-recycling waste? We do now that thanks to cooperation with our customer and partner UPM Raflatac. See in the video how our solution looks like and how waste can be turned into a resource.


International deliveries


Two independent women: Magda, a driver of Fresh Logistics Polska, and DR Lifestyle, a blogger-dietician, in one truck filled with Zott yoghurts. In addition, the road "from the cow to table" from Opole, through Gliwice, to Gdańsk. In the background: diet tips and talks about “girl power” at the wheel - all broadcast live on social media - this is a summary of the second edition of the #RabenExpress action - or #FreshExpress #ZottExpress to be precise, which reached over 1 million users of new media.


International shipping

Packaging Innovation on the Move from Greece to Europe

Raben INTERTRANS has been providing transportation services to Megaplast S.A. exporting its goods to most European countries for the past three years. This partnership has been built on shared commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values. Over this time, both companies have developed a close and effective working relationship that has enabled them to provide reliable and sustainable transport solutions that meet the needs of Megaplast and its customers.


International shipping companies

XM Textiles together with Raben - From Romania to Europe

One of the largest suppliers of workwear and protective fabrics, XM Textiles, teams up with Raben for fabric distribution in Europe. More than 30 daily international connections that Raben Romania manages, are optimized for a short transit time, so that the fabrics reach their destination in a few days.