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From Romania to Europe - XM Textiles together with Raben


One of the largest suppliers of workwear and protective fabrics, XM Textiles, teams up with Raben for fabric distribution in Europe. More than 30 daily international connections that Raben Romania manages, are optimized for a short transit time, so that the fabrics reach their destination in a few days.

In 2017, when opening the branch in Romania, XM Textiles chose a reliable partner, for the European distribution of its fabrics. Raben, the Dutch operator with its own warehouse network in 15 European countries, was the right choice for the company's development needs.

XM Textiles is one of the European market leaders in the segment of fabrics for workwear and protective clothing. It all started in 2002, from the idea of two people, who set out to innovate the industry of protective fabrics. The focus was to develop new, modern fabrics that would provide the necessary protection for the requirements of specific industries and that would be comfortable in daily use. The company has developed vertically, being now present in all European countries and having warehouses in five of them, because it has never given up on the standard it set itself from the beginning. Quality fabrics that meet industry standards, accompanied by quality certificates, development of customizable fabrics and colours, logistical support, and counselling.

In 2017, with the opening of XM Textiles Sud Est Distribution S.R.L., and a new warehouse in Romania, the need for a partner for the distribution of rolls of material arose. Choosing Raben Group as a transport partner came naturally due to the experience and quality of the services offered.

Raben reaches all the partner countries. The quality of the deliveries is excellent, and the transit time is short. The orientation towards ecological transport solutions and the reduction of the environmental footprint, that Raben Group approaches, agrees with the direction that XM Textiles has as well. We have been working together since 2017 and found in Raben a true partner – says Victor Copaci, General Manager of XM Textiles.

For XM Textiles, Raben offered a dedicated solution for the collection of goods, deconsolidation in the Raben Bucharest warehouse and their reconsolidation on the transport operator's domestic and international groupage lines. From the warehouse in Bucharest, goods leave to the customers in Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Baltics, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Italy, and Spain, using the international Raben network. XM Textiles has partners in all European countries, countries where Raben Group is present with its own network of warehouses or partners. Currently, Raben Romania, manages over 30 daily direct connections and each month it adds new ones, increasing the quality of the transport from Romania.

I could say, we have known each other for a lifetime – says Cătălina Zamfir, International Transport Manager of Raben Romania. - We work very well and have always found the best solution together. We have open communication and a friendly relationship. The development of the network has allowed us to be close to XM and offer solutions for all countries where they distribute fabrics. In Romania, we developed during the same period, and this brought us even closer, because we shared similar needs and experiences - adds Cătălina Zamfir.

A healthy relationship is based on respect and open communication. Raben knows that as a team you can achieve every goal and develop. That is why, People with drive from Raben, always work in the same team as their partners and customers.


Catalin Costache

Marketing and PR Specialist

Raben Romania