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VIOLANTA and Raben Group - Combining Top Quality with Reliable Transport

Raben INTERTRANS, member of Raben Group, a leading provider of international transport and logistics, has been working with VIOLANTA S.A. for over 5 years, ensuring the smooth and reliable export of its high-quality products to European destinations.



From the Olive Groves of Crete to Your Table | #WeConnect Europe

Follow the journey of the extra virgin olive oil "Minos" as it is transported from Kissamos, Crete to clients of Renieris company throughout Europe through Raben INTERTRANS. With decades of know-how and our extensive own network, we ensure that this precious commodity reaches its destination with the utmost care and precision, keeping its unparalleled quality and refined taste intact.



“Made in Italy” all over Europe

How is Made in Italy so successful throughout Europe and around the world? To find out more about how and where the excellence of a textile product known and exported in Europe and around the world comes from, we took a tour of the heart of Parà logistics, in Sovico (MB). How are these fabrics distributed in every corner of the world? Our Italian Business Unit Raben SITTAM has the pleasure since 30 years of transporting their goods daily, whatever the final destination is. Discover excellence, with Raben!



Packaging Innovation on the Move from Greece to Europe

Raben INTERTRANS has been providing transportation services to Megaplast S.A. exporting its goods to most European countries for the past three years. This partnership has been built on shared commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values. Over this time, both companies have developed a close and effective working relationship that has enabled them to provide reliable and sustainable transport solutions that meet the needs of Megaplast and its customers.



XM Textiles together with Raben - From Romania to Europe

One of the largest suppliers of workwear and protective fabrics, XM Textiles, teams up with Raben for fabric distribution in Europe. More than 30 daily international connections that Raben Romania manages, are optimized for a short transit time, so that the fabrics reach their destination in a few days.