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Raben in Austria special transport logistics for AluKönigStahl

The family-owned company AluKönigStahl is a specialist in aluminium, steel and plastic systems which operates throughout Europe. The logistics of the extra-long metal profiles and processing machines require special transports that have to be handled just-in-time. The company has relied on Raben BEXity as its partner for demanding logistics for more than 15 years.



Wine logistics – a journey with Austria´s leading wine logistics company

Austria's excellent wine diversity is known far beyond its borders. Different climatic influences make the domestic wine-growing regions - which are mainly found in the provinces of Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria - unique worldwide. Join Raben BEXity - Austria's #1 wine logistics company - on a behind-the-scenes journey at Langmann Winery, which shows the journey of fine wines from production to the consumer's table.



Timbela & Ko together with Raben – fairytale house in your backyard

A children playhouse in your backyard. Or maybe a mysterious workplace where you can work, create and dream undisturbed. These are the wooden houses offered to the Lithuanian and foreign markets by long-standing Raben Lietuva customer - Timbela & Ko.



Porsche and Raben BEXity: Procurement logistics for top demands

For about 40 years now, Porsche Austria and Raben BEXity and its predecessors have closely cooperated in the area of parts logistics. In this regard, top quality and flexibility count among the factors that determine success. Improved sustainability and reduced CO2 footprint are ensured by conducting a significant portion of the transport by rail.



Providing distribution to keep water flowing

Raben Netherlands and DAB Pumps, a leading multinational in water treatment and management technologies, started a long-term partnership in the beginning of 2023. The combination of an international network and extensive contract logistics services has convinced DAB Pumps to transfer their Benelux activities to Raben.



“Made in Italy” all over Europe

How is Made in Italy so successful throughout Europe and around the world? To find out more about how and where the excellence of a textile product known and exported in Europe and around the world comes from, we took a tour of the heart of Parà logistics, in Sovico (MB). How are these fabrics distributed in every corner of the world? Our Italian Business Unit Raben SITTAM has the pleasure since 30 years of transporting their goods daily, whatever the final destination is. Discover excellence, with Raben!



Packaging Innovation on the Move from Greece to Europe

Raben INTERTRANS has been providing transportation services to Megaplast S.A. exporting its goods to most European countries for the past three years. This partnership has been built on shared commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values. Over this time, both companies have developed a close and effective working relationship that has enabled them to provide reliable and sustainable transport solutions that meet the needs of Megaplast and its customers.