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STEEL - a company where modernity and tradition come together to create a unique, high-quality design product completely made in Italy. Which product are we talking about? High-end kitchens, one of the most popular rooms in a home, a space dedicated to one's passions, where to share unique moments and spend time together with family and friends. If we talk about passion and high quality, we cannot forget about Raben Group, the logistics partner of STEEL since 3 years.

A reality that has its roots in Italy back in 1922 in an artisan workshop in the Carpi area, in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna and soon became a prominent family business in Italy and recognized all over the world.

STEEL products are appreciated by European consumers but not only, distribution takes place in over 50 countries, hence the need to rely on a reliable and trusted logistics operator, such as Raben Group.

With over 250 shipments per year in import and export to and from European countries, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Turkey and non-EEC shipments by sea and air, with the need for customs, the company is destined to grow and further establish itself on the market. Growth means adapting your product to new customer needs and new innovations in the design sector, quickly gaining the trust and appreciation of customers all over the world.

Wanting to expand on the market and looking for a partner that was in line with its business needs, STEEL's choice fell on Raben Group, a leading company in the transport and logistics sector for over 90 years, with a strong presence in Europe, a strong predisposition to innovation and an always attentive eye to sustainability and the environment, all shared values with STEEL.

For over 3 years Raben Italy, the Italian business unit of Raben Group, as a logistics partner of STEEL, has been supporting its growth thanks to its vast network of warehouses and a widespread service throughout Europe. From its branch in Bologna, the logistics service provider takes care of all logistics activities for the Italian company: from the receipt of goods from suppliers to the distribution of products to final recipients in Italy, Europe, and the world, passing through the management of customs formalities where necessary.

"Having Raben as a partner and entrusting them with our business, allows us to focus on the quality of our product and focus on our daily activities, knowing that we are leaving our shipments in good hands. The services provided by Raben are reliable, easily accessible, and competitive. What we appreciate most is the Customer Service, we have a dedicated caretaker who follows us from A to Z, from the moment of collection to the final delivery, we know we can always count on our contact person, for any special request or customized solution. We need a partner like Raben, we strongly believe in this collaboration, based first and foremost on human relationships, mutual trust and shared values. The quality of our product goes hand in hand with the quality of the service offered to us by Raben." - says Francesca Po, Logistics and Customer Care Manager at Steel.


 "At Raben Italy we continue to invest in the development of our international network, to offer tailor-made and relevant solutions to our customers, to guarantee them timely pick-ups and deliveries in all European and global markets. We know how essential it is follow and listen to our customers' needs, that is why we entrust our customers with a dedicated caretaker, to ensure that they fully perceive the importance we give them, thus building a relationship of trust and lasting over time. Loyal customers, who place this trust in us, push us to do our best every day and allow us to support Made in Italy by giving an example of how a family business like STEEL can be a source of pride for the Emilian territory and how Raben plays a fundamental role in exporting the high quality of Italian production" - says Loris Bussei, Branch Manager of the Raben Italy branch in Bologna.