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Raben Ukraine the best among 3PL operators


As part of the VII National Rating of Corporate Reputation Management Quality “Reputation ACTIVists”, Raben Ukraine for the third year in a row has been recognized as the best company providing complex logistics services in terms of reputation management. The components of the ranking are: reputation stability, media activity, innovative approach, CSR image capital, crisis resilience[1].

Raben Ukraine received the first place among the competitors due to its stability and readiness to every challenges and successfully overcoming them.

"We are very pleased that for the third year in a row our achievements have been noted by the professional jury. We have the best team, clear vision of the company's future and step by step we are moving forward, we work with even more enthusiasm, we develop ourselves to be always the best version of ourselves ", — comments Inna Ocheretna, CEO of Raben Ukraine.

The jury of the rating consists of 149 independent analysts, industry experts and specialized representatives of the leading media. Among 650 companies from various sectors, the owners, top managers and PR-teams of these companies have created the best systems of reputational management.

"Congratulations to the champions – the more reputationally competent and active companies there are in Ukraine, the stronger and more competitive our economy will be. Many thanks to the heroic members of the jury -– the experts work within a very challenging methodology, devoting a lot of time to assess the nominees. This year, by the way, we got quite interesting results and saw interesting patterns that require further scientific understanding. And most importantly – for seven years the rating has become an integral part of the Ukrainian business community: the results are followed, used to assess the quality of communication teams, companies actually compete for prizes "comments Elena Derevyanko, Vice-president of PR-League, Chairman of the organizing committee of the National Rating of Corporate Reputation Management Quality “Reputation ACTIVists”.

It is worth to remind that in 2020 Raben Ukraine continued to expand its portfolio of services and clients, focusing on digital solutions.

The company has implemented and is now improving electronic document management – contracts, invoices, and acts of performed work. As of the end of 2020, up to 78% of clients' document flow has been transferred to an electronic platform.

The VII National Rating of Corporate Reputation Management Quality “Reputation ACTIVists” is part of the International PR-Festival, which is held under the auspices of the Ukrainian PR-League since 2002 and is the most “long-playing” project of the national communications industry. Every year, the Festival brings together 250-300 representatives of PR, IR, GR and SCR industries. Ideas and trends that will soon become everyday communication practices are discussed here.


[1] Reputation stability” – having an active PR-service, people with a systematic approach to work; positive perception of public activity of the company by the target audience.

“Media activity” – readiness to communication with media of all types; the quality of the broadcast messages, the recognition and citation of the speakers; the positive effect of the efforts made.

“Innovative approach” – availability of own non-standard PR-solutions; systematic work with new media, including the digital segment; positive reaction of the market to creative and non-standard solutions; positive effect from innovations.

“CSR image capital” – a systematic approach to informing target audiences about corporate social responsibility; the real benefits of projects for the community, etc.

“Crisis resilience” – a crisis communication strategy in place; the adequacy of the tools used, their successful use; target audience support; positive effect of the efforts made.