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Process optimization as the foundation of a successful business

In the face of the challenges brought about by the development, the trade market is changing dynamically. To remain competitive, every element of the supply chain must be as effective as it is possible. The basis for this is the implementation of new technological and optimization solutions which will translate into the comfort of the final recipient - the customer. What can be done to optimize processes in the supply chain? What technologies should be used? Where to look for cost and environmental savings? Answers to these questions can be found on a quarter of a square meter.

Raben Group, the undisputed leader in co-manufacturing and co-packing, is perfectly aware of that. In 2017, as part of the company operations, over 450,000 various types of stands were manufactured for the markets of Central and Western Europe. The services of packaging and customizing products are provided for over 100 customers from various industries, starting from broadly understood FMCG, through chemical industry, to the automotive, trade, clothing and electronics sectors. However, as many as 70% of the company customers are from the food industry. Following the market trends and technological novelties is part of the company business strategy. Investments in research and technological development support the offer of the Group by increasing its competitiveness. Raben uses reliable subcontractors who complement the company operations and generate savings, not only in financial terms, but also in the process of providing the service, and they guarantee its timeliness.

We treat our customers as partners. We implement tailor-made solutions to run the most sustainable business model while maintaining the highest quality of service and product. Advisory is a very important element in our everyday business. We provide trainings for customers presenting the nuances of working in co-manufacturing and co-packing, which translates into closer cooperation and joint development of the most optimal solutions - comments Łukasz Dubina, deputy Director of Valued Added Services at Raben Logistics Polska.

The use of ¼ wooden pallets by customers means a number of challenges for the co-packer, such as: the availability of pallets on the market, especially in the period of increased sales, diversified carrier quality, including high wood moisture, problems with pallet dimensions, which affects the proper assembly of stands. In addition, wooden carriers require the use of tools during assembly, thus creating a risk to employees, and significantly extending the time of building the stand. All this has a direct impact on the timely preparation of the promotion for the customer. Therefore, the preferred carrier used by Raben is the CHEP plastic quarter pallet. CHEP exhibition pallets account for up to 60% of the volume of carriers used by the company in the production of advertising stands.

We constantly follow market trends and we are up-to-date with technological novelties. Investments in research and development support the offer of Raben Group offer by increasing its competitiveness. We truly appreciate work with suppliers who complement our business and generate savings not only in financial terms, but also when providing our service. Replacing the ¼ wooden pallet with the CHEP plastic pallet saves time which we need to spend on the stand assembly. Currently, CHEP quarter pallets account for over 60% of the volume of the carriers we deal with during the production of stands. In the first quarter of 2018, we noticed an increase in the volume of CHEP at 27% compared to 2017 - We are very pleased with this trend. This means that the supply chain is beginning to speak with one voice and we are moving towards solutions which increase end-to-end performance - says Łukasz Dubina.

Optimization is a method of searching for the best solution. Such a solution in the area of exhibition platforms is the use of the blue CHEP pallets. The plastic pallet is also a durable and stable transport carrier as well as an aesthetic display solution on the shop floor. However, to create a sustainable and durable supply chain, optimization should cover all its elements, from the production hall to the comfort of the final recipient - the buyer. The last mile becomes, from the logistics point of view, a growing challenge. It is believed that this is the most expensive element in the entire logistics process. Solutions that support the supply chain at its final stage are sought after by producers and expected by retail chains. CHEP display carriers reduce costs, speed up the process of picking and support sales activities in the shop, which is noticed by the producers in their statistics.

We test and introduce new solutions to offer our customers the highest quality service. At Raben Group, we have been working with ¼CHEP pallets since 2011. The use of a plastic pallet eliminates problems generated by the one-off pallet, in addition to ensuring the safety of people and transported products - emphasizes Łukasz Dubina.

Thanks to the applied optimizations and pro-customer approach, Raben services are gaining popularity all over Europe. 

We have become known as a reliable business partner and a specialist in the field. How we work is appreciated throughout Europe, which is why we receive inquiries from various markets. We want to set new directions and create trends, not just follow them. What we offer to our customers is the combination of services available in the portfolio of Raben Group, so that using our own potential we are able to provide a comprehensive service: from warehousing, through co-manufacturing and co-packing, to distribution. And all this is dressed in new technologies. This is how the future will look like - says Łukasz Dubina.

CHEP provides its partners with solutions supporting their business operations on many levels. The ¼ plastic pallet is an example of a solution that increases efficiency not only in the sphere of transport and storage, which pallets are usually associated with. Taking the CHEP pallet into account at the display design stage also means reduced cardboard use, faster co-packing and lower impact on the environment. Customers can be sure that the platform will be reliable and will streamline processes throughout the supply chain, from stand production to promotion in the shop - says Kinga Di Salvo, Country General Manager of CHEP Poland and the Baltic States.

The above article was created in cooperation with CHEP.

The CHEP company, owned by Brambles Ltd., is a global leader in providing comprehensive pallet rental solutions. The company, founded in 1945 in Australia, operates in over 60 countries around the world and provides services to companies from the FMCG sector. CHEP Polska has been offering pallet rental services for 18 years based on sharing pallets by many customers. A service referred to as pooling is a solution for companies which struggle with problems related to pallet management, want to reduce expenses, and improve the operations of the supply chain.