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New window for Europe in Romania - CTPark Oradea Cargo Terminal


In accordance with Raben's development strategy in Romania, the company's warehouse was relocated to a modern 1,300-square-metre warehouse in Oradea in June 2023. The investment is situated at the CTPark Oradea Cargo Terminal facility and is part of the 2023 investment plan. This relocation is in response to a surge in orders and inquiries from Raben Romania's customers.

The new Raben warehouse in Oradea has a total area of 1,300 square meters and 4 ramps for loading and unloading cargo shipments. The warehouse has the functionality of cross-docking operations of goods and is part of a network of 9 warehouses operated by Raben in Romania. The Raben Oradea warehouse is situated over  the logistics CTPark Oradea Cargo Terminal, a development built by Raben's longstanding partner, CTP.

Long term partnerships are one of the things CTP does differently and this is enabled by the size of our portfolio (across Romania and also across Europe), by the reliability of our delivering at the same quality throughout the portfolio, and also by our target to build such long term win/win type of relationships with our clients, which translates into the level of services we are rendering to them. We always say we are where our clients need us to be, but we dare add that we bring our partner clients wherever we are – which is the case of Raben in Oradea”, stated Andrei Koszti, Regional Commercial Manager CTP Romania.  

The new Raben warehouse in Oradea has been seamlessly integrated into the groupage network with the aid of its daily connections to both the national and international Raben connections. As part of the national distribution service of goods within Romania, Oradea connects daily to Bucharest, Cluj, Sibiu and Timișoara warehouses, ensuring delivery within 24 hours across the region. Equally, the Oradea warehouse has 2 direct daily connections with Debrecen (Hungary) and Rzeszow (Poland), through which transit times of 24 and respectively 48 hours are achieved, for the shipment of goods to the 2 European countries. For more details regarding international connections in Romania, please visit the Raben international connections page.

Raben Group's operations in Romania are growing constantly year by year, signaling that our customers apreciate the quality and range of our services. Therefore, the need to invest in bigger, modern new warehouses is a response to our customer needs. The warehouse in Oradea will play an important role in our strategy to develop domestis network but also to connect Romania with Western markets, providing shorter transit times to countries in Central and Western Europe. As in many other cases, CTP is a there as a partner, supporting us with modern infrastructure in optimal locations”, stated Tomasz Nieżwicki, CEE Region Director, Raben Group.

The 2023 developmental strategy in Romania includes the relocation of a second warehouse to a more spacious and modern facility, in line with the goal of providing superior groupage transport services to Raben's customers in Romania and Europe.