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Fresh Logistics recharges batteries


As part of its investment in innovation, one of Raben Group companies - Fresh Logistics is introducing the first electric refrigerated semi-trailer to its fleet with a road-based energy recovery system, meaning that the refrigeration unit recharges while driving and braking. This is a quantum leap in logistics of fresh products, where energy can be extracted and used to keep the cargo at the optimum temperature. This solution eliminates CO2 emissions by 30% while also reducing the amount of fuel needed to power the unit by 30%.

Vehicles on the road lose a lot of energy. This energy can be recovered and used to keep the cargo at the optimum temperature. Thermo King's AxlePower technology brings back the balance: it converts lost energy into a power source to cool the trailer. Developed in collaboration with BPW, the system draws on years of experience in refrigerated transport. Energy for cooling comes not only from the battery, but also from the generator axis. It is comparable to the dynamo on a bicycle and allows the kinetic energy from driving to be harnessed.

The company has just received an all-electric semi-trailer that recovers energy from the driven kilometres. What does it mean? The 'Energ-e Pack' battery located under the trailer draws energy from braking and movement of the trailer. During routine operation, energy is captured and stored in the battery. It is a process which eliminates CO2 emissions while reducing the amount of fuel needed to power the refrigeration unit. Recovering the energy generated while braking helps to ensure slower wear on the tractor and trailer brake pads. This also means longer service intervals for the unit, with significantly less wear and tear on the engine. It is also worth noting that the unit is considerably quieter than a noisy diesel engine.

On 24.04, the semi-trailer was officially handed over in the presence of representatives of Krone: Jan Timm, Iwona Bubel; Thermo King: Jedrzej Chojnack with the instructor; and the representatives of TT Thermo King: Maciej Śmieciński. There were also representatives of Fresh Logistics Polska: Jakub Zając, Grzegorz Łabusiński and of Raben Group: Peter Duvel, Darius Krol, Mirco Sievers. The event was also attended by Raben Group drivers.

With the independent refrigeration system fully mounted on the trailer, the solution becomes a plug and play system that maximises fleet flexibility, which can operate independently of the tractor, allowing trailers and tractors to be easily mixed and matched for seamless integration into the fleet. Since the system is completely on the trailer, it works with any tractor power source: diesel, LNG, CNG, hydrogen or all-electric. By generating and storing energy on the road, it does not require dedicated charging infrastructure. This helps to prevent additional downtime associated with charging the battery at the depot or during loading/unloading and ensures that the system will capture energy from any route.

This is arguably a revolution in fresh logistics. Trailers with refrigeration units are the foundation of the business. After all, the most important thing is to maintain the right temperature throughout the supply chain, including during transport. The innovation is energy recovery and the ability to run on 100% electricity.

“We are happy to be part of this electrical and environmental evolution. With this solution we can not only save fuel, but also reduce the wear and tear of the fleet. The trailer meets European CO2 standards, which will enable us to enter urban low- and zero-emission zones. Most importantly, the unit runs more quietly, which will also translate into work comfort for our carriers,” - comments Jakub Zając, Operations Director at Fresh Logistics Polska.

In line with our motto 'Better Every Day', each day we focus on development and innovation, which is embedded in our DNA. We strive to ensure that our service is of the highest possible standard using innovative solutions. The electric refrigerated semi-trailer is a milestone in the development of our company, and certainly it is not the last one.


Klaudyna Polanowska - Skrzypek

PR Manager