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Eco2Way towards zero-emission future

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Circular economy

Circular economy

Reduction of the CO² footprint

Carbon footprint reduction

Ecological Initiatives

Eco innitiatives

  • Energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency

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We feel responsible and thus determined to take any possible actions to combat climate change and its subsequent impact. Environmental responsibility is:

  • an integral part of our vision for the development of the entire Group, as well as individual Business Entities;
  • one of the pillars of our business strategy
  • a key component of our ESG strategy;
  • and finally the topic of the “Raben Group Climate and Environmental Policy” which we implemented in 2021 on the Group level.

Raben ECO2WAY is a project which covers activities mitigating our negative impact on the environment. Our goals by 2025:

Climate change

  • 30% reduction of emissions intensity in our facilities;
  • 10% reduction of emissions intensity in transport operations;
  • ensuring at least Euro 5 standards of our own and suppliers’ fleet
  • further development of the CO2 calculator at the shipment level
  • green energy solutions  (e.g. PPA)


Circular Economy

  • 90% segregated rate with the goal of all sorted waste being recycled or composted;
  • increasing the share of electronic documents to 90% (e-invoice) and planting a tree for every customer consent to go paperless.

In order to raise the profile of climate issues and to manage emissions more effectively and transparently, in 2021 we signed a commitment letter under SBTi at the level of well below 2.

In 2022, we are planning to set specific goals and a path to achieve such goals.

In the long term, our goal is to reduce emissions to zero.

We have the ambition to be a climate-neutral company in all scopes by 2050.