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Charitable transport as a part

of Polish-German cooperation
In July 2020, Raben Trans European Germany GmbH and Raben Transport organized a charity transport of pharmaceutical and medical products that were sent to Caritas social welfare centers in Poland. The action was initiated by the GepaV partner association, as part of cooperation between the cities of: Salzbergen in Lower Saxony and Krzanowice in the province Silesia.

Raben Group has been undertaking and promoting activities in the field of corporate social responsibility for many years. In the DNA of a family company, based on a system of values, giving support to local communities is inherent.

Charity transports from Salzbergen to Poland have been organized since 1981. Inhabitants of the Salzbergen commune, and especially employees of the GepaV association, have been involved in strengthening cooperation with the inhabitants of Krzanowice for many years”. – explains Sebastian Janning, Regional Manager  from  Raben depot in Schüttorf -and he adds: "As an international provider of logistics services, with headquarters in Poland, we want to contribute to further promoting Polish-German friendship. Partnership is particularly important in times of crisis that the whole world is currently facing. Thanks to cooperation and mutual assistance, we can successfully face these difficult challenges”.

The GepaV Association has been actively involved in strengthening the German-Polish partnership since 2013. This time, with the support  of the Raben Group, the municipality of Salzbergen, as part of the fundraising campaign, transferred eleven beds, ten pallets with hygiene products, five pallets of dressing materials, three pallets of kitchen utensils, as well as rehabilitation equipment, wheelchairs and walking support to the Caritas nursing homes.

Transports were planned for the first half of the year, while due to restrictions related to the pandemic, they could only take place now.

"When we were asked for support, we did not hesitate for a moment. We promised our help to the GePaV organization, because as neighbors we have to stick together.” - highlights Sebastian Janning. "We are glad that we can support our friends in Poland.” – he adds.

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