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Raben Group has won the sixth edition of the Power of Attraction contest organized by the “Puls Biznesu” daily. The main award in the “Remote support for employee development” category went to the international gamification project - the Manager of Choice.

In 2020 Raben Group carried out the plan of simultaneous development of key managers from 13 countries where it has its companies. Preceded by an in-depth audit, the extensive Manager of Choice project used a gamification structure. Its aim was primarily to change attitudes and to develop sensitivity in managers towards aspects related to team management. 1,000 people took part in the competition which had five levels. During four months they completed over 40 different tasks and funded 3,000 language lessons for children from orphanages.

The project enjoyed great interest of Raben employees, which was confirmed by the level of their engagement, the speed at which they performed the tasks, and their quality. The long-term effects have also been excellent: the Manager of Choice activities have expanded the expertise and experience of the managers, which improved the working comfort of all employees and had a positive impact on the culture of the entire Group, regardless of the country or specific company. The obtained results significantly exceeded the KPIs established at the beginning.

The main award in the contest by “Puls Biznesu” is a special honour for us because the project itself was a big challenge, and also the competition this year was really big. This is a joint success of all Manager of Choice participants, whom we wish to thank once again for their commitment and perseverance! – summarises Anita Koralewska-Ratajczak, HR Director at Raben Group.

The Manager of Choice has already been recognized several times: it was awarded the title of the “Master of Innovative Transformation” (Technology and Organization category), won the main prize in the HR of Change contest, and its creator Anita Koralewska-Ratajczak took third place in the People Innovation industry contest.

Since 2016, the Power of Attraction contest has been selecting the most interesting, effective and inspiring ventures in the field of employer branding and HR, thanks to which companies are able to attract and retain the most valuable employees. The jury consisting of experts recognizes organizations which consistently build their image of an attractive employer, pay special attention to proper onboarding of newly hired people, and at the same time care about the engagement and development of existing employees. In the current, sixth edition of the contest organized by “Puls Biznesu”, 143 projects competed for awards in 10 categories within five areas. The Manager of Choice project won the main award in the “Remote support for employee development” category.


Klaudyna Polanowska - Skrzypek

PR Manager