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The “Don't be wild” on the

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Health and safety are non-negotiable for Raben Group. The company has been building an internal safety culture and educating road users for many years and one of the tools it uses for that purpose is a special educational campaign called “Don't be wild!” The campaign has just received 1st place in the “Serious Fun” category at the International Media Festival for Prevention 2021 in Canada.

Since 1990, the International Media Festival for Prevention  has been an integral part of the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work. The Festival offers an overview of films and multimedia productions on occupational safety and health from around the world. Its aim is to show that effective prevention requires good communication which can be facilitated by well-chosen media.

This year the Festival received a record 289 entries from 40 countries. The jury short-listed 18 entries from among them which were nominated for the award. The six winners were awarded at the Special Online Media Session on 22 September 2021. The first place in the “Serious Fun” category went to the “Don't Be Wild” campaign by Raben Group. The award was accepted during the online session by the platform's creators: Grażyna Łukasik, SHE Manager, and Jakub Krzewina, Sustainability Manager. Raben is the only company from the logistics sector awarded this prize. For more information on the contest, please visit: www.mediainprevention.org.

“The ‘Don't Be Wild’ campaign reminds us of the importance of being 100% focused on the traffic when driving. Don’t use mobile phones, don’t eat when driving, keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. We believe that knowledge and understanding of hazards on the road will help us avoid accidents and protect the health and lives of our loved ones and other road users.” – explains Grażyna Łukasik, SHE Manager, Raben Group, and she adds - “We are extremely pleased with the award presented to us during the Festival and we feel motivated to take on further challenges in the daily fight for road safety.”

The “Don't be wild” platform was created by safety specialists from Raben Group in cooperation with drivers. It offers an e-training course in the form of 10 thematic animations which show selected principles of safe behaviour on roads and manoeuvring yards.

The training is mainly intended for truckers and car drivers, but all traffic users can test themselves. Having completed the course, each user receives a certificate of completion with the slogan “Don’t be wild”, which can be shared on Facebook and Linkedin using a special function to encourage others to safe behaviours on the road. However, Raben Group employees and drivers who log into to the platform by name, are additionally required to complete a quiz consisting of 15 questions about behaviours on the road. A positive result generates a certificate of completion.

The platform is available on the website safedrive.raben-group.com and it is additionally supported by promotional videos on YouTube, showing wild anti-heroes whose behaviour on the road is far from desirable. Meet the wild anti-heroes and don't be like them:

Wild West, Wild Brier, Wild Boar - what do they have in common? They are dangerous beasts classified as Via Ferox Animalis. They can be found all over the globe wreaking havoc on roads. Characteristic features of those types include short-sightedness, affection for fast driving, ignorance of all sorts of traffic regulations, and a predilection for playing with modern technology behind the wheel. If you meet them on the road - stay alert and try to be a good example! Remember - DON’T BE WILD.

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