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SENTO choose Raben for distribution to European customers


Senin S.R.L, known under the SENTO brand, is a major manufacturer of adhesive tapes located in Timișoara, Romania. SENTO products are appreciated by European consumers and Raben Group with its extensive network of warehouses in Europe, is a reliable partner for their delivery to recipients in a few days. 

You may not have heard of Senin, but it is quite possible that you are familiar with SENTO. Senin S.R.L. is a company producing adhesive tapes from Timișoara, Romania. Since its inception in 2005, SENTO has focused on developing innovative and affordable products, quickly gaining the trust and appreciation of customers across Europe.

Starting from the factory in Timișoara, SENTO started the production of adhesive tapes for packaging, using cutting-edge technologies and the highest quality materials. SENTO brand quickly became synonymous with superior quality products and reliable packaging solutions, so SENTO continued to expand its product range to meet ever-changing market demands. In 2009, it diversified its product range, adding new categories such as masking tapes, special tapes, white mini jumbo rolls for printing, stationery tapes and cardboard tubes. This expansion offered customers a greater variety of solutions and strengthened SENTO's position as one of the main players on the adhesive tape market in Romania and Europe.

In the context of expanding into European markets, SENTO identified the need to collaborate with a reliable logistics partner to ensure the efficient and safe export of its goods. Thus, the company chose to join forces with Raben Group, a leader in the logistics industry with a strong presence in Europe.

“Raben as a partner, allows us to focus on developing new products and solutions for our European customers. The services provided by Raben are reliable, easily accessible and competitive. And we need partners like this.” – says Alexandru Bădeanu, Marketing Director - Senin S.R.L.

Through the collaboration with Raben Group in Romania, Senin SRL benefited from a series of significant advantages in the export of goods to Bulgaria, Germany, France, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia, such as: access to an extensive transport network facilitating the transport efficiently and quickly of the goods to the desired destinations; reliable logistics expertise, specialized consultancy and customized solutions adapted to specific needs; advanced technology and transparency, through the use of modern IT systems and advanced technological solutions that provide transparency and complete visibility over the entire logistics chain, from the receipt of the goods to the final delivery.

“Raben Romania is continuing investing in development of the international network, to provide better, faster solutions for delivering goods to all European markets. SENTO, fits perfect to our network and range of services. Partners like SENTO are those who are driving us to further development” – says Cătălina Zamfir, International Road Network Manager – Raben Logistics Romania.

Through the partnership with Raben Group, SENTO strengthens its position on the European market, offering its customers a reliable and efficient logistics solution for the export of goods from Romania.


Catalin Costache

Marketing and PR Specialist

Raben Romania