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Romania - 2 new locations in Oradea and Buzau

- a year of growth for Raben Romania

9 warehouses nationwide, with the opening of 2 new locations in Oradea and Buzau. Raben Logistics Romania has one of the most developed groupage networks in Romania. 3 modern warehouses with a larger cross-docking area, which can also offer logistics solutions, were inaugurated in Bucharest, Sibiu and Timișoara in 2021.

The pandemic brought a new reality to the whole globe, Romania not being exempted from the economic stress caused by this event. The transport companies had to adapt quickly, to find resources and solutions to the new framework, in order to be able to support the supply chain so demanded in the new reality. Raben Group has been prepared for this challenge due to the skills and involvement of the entire team it integrates, and the company's experience of over 90 years in this industry has played an important role.

The pandemic was a trigger that has accelerated many innovations. We searched for new solutions regarding safe delivery of shipments such as our well received Picture Confi rming Delivery. On the other hand, we had to reorganize our way of working by introducing home offi ce and all the IT and security solutions that made it possible. Although at the beginning we did not expect to be able to organize it this well, in fact we did succeed and it turned out, for example, that not only can we and our customers switch to online meetings, but it also has a positive side effect of reduced emissions” – Ewald Raben – CEO Raben Group

Overcoming the initial impact of the health crisis, Raben Logistics Romania has managed to support its customers and partners and continue its plans for the sustainability and development of the network. 

We have found in all this crisis situation, not only a way to test our abilities, but we have also seen the opportunities that can follow.” – Valentin Storoj - General Manager, Raben Logistics Romania.

Plans for 2021 have remained sustainable and even accelerated to meet the growing demand for quality transport services and logistical support. The company  opened in 2021, 3 new modern warehouses and inaugurated 2 new locations.

“I remember that, only 5 years ago, I had only some bold plans in front of me and a lot of confidence that they will turn into reality. After 5 years, together with our colleagues and partners, we managed to develop a reliable network for the transport of groupage goods. The plans have become a reality today and continue with new projects that will lead Raben Logistics Romania to the position it has established since it took the first step in Romania - to become a market leader. 2021 was the year in which Raben Group celebrated its 90th anniversary. The modern warehouses in Bucharest, Sibiu and Timișoara, will be the basis for growth for the coming years for Raben Logistics Romania and bricks on which we will build the next 90 years for Raben Group” - Valentin Storoj -  General Manager, Raben Logistics Romania.

Raben bets on modern warehouses

The new modern Raben warehouse in Bucharest located in CTPark Bucharest, on Padurii Street, no. 26, Dragomirești, has an area of ​​4,000 square meters and is optimized for the cross-docking service through the 36 loading / unloading gates arranged on 2 sides that allow extremely fast transit. The warehouse allows the handling of more than 4,000 pallets per day. 18 cars can unload the goods when another 18 can be loaded on the ramp at the same time. This will increase the operational speed and the benefit will be found during the transit to the recipient. In addition to the cross-docking space, a separate area will be used for the contract logistics service. Warehousing, picking up, packing, co-packing or other specific needs of logistics customers can be processed here. The warehouse in Bucharest benefits from modern office space and last but not least, from a privileged position in the logistics park, the vicinity of the forest being welcome for all Raben employees and visitors. 

Another 4,000 square meters, 32 gates arranged on 2 sides. This is how the new warehouse in Sibiu presents itself, Inaugurated on August 1, in the CTPark Sibiu location, on the European road E68, opposite the Sibiu airport, 36 trucks can load and unload at the same time. The processing speed increased exponentially compared to the old location, a benefit that will be reflected in the quality and delivery time to customers. The new Raben Sibiu warehouse also opens on this occasion for new contractual logistics services, requested by Raben customers. Central location allows excellent transit times to any location in Romania. The increased operating capacity also generated the opening of new positions within the company, Raben team growing to 140 employees, all of them, people with drive for logistics.

Last, but not least, the Raben warehouse in Timișoara, located on Calea Lugojului Street, no. 148, Com. Ghiroda opened its 19 gates at the beginning of September. 3,000 square meters are allocated exclusively for cross-docking services, another 1,800 square meters reserved for storage and contractual logistics solutions, will soon complete the services offered by Raben Logistics Romania in western Romania. The new warehouse in Timișoara was relocated from Arad, thus better covering customer requests and thus balancing the positioning of deposits on the map due to the opening of new locations. 

2 new locations in Romania

2021 brought also openings for 2 new locations for Raben Logistics Romania. In June, on Calea Borșului 278, Borș, a new Raben warehouse was opened, serving the western area through faster collections and deliveries. This extension of the network benefits both in terms of transit time, but will also optimize the cost of transport, due to the shortening of the distances that distribution machines will cover. With the opening of the warehouse in Oradea, a new direct line was inaugurated: Oradea-Sibiu-Bucharest and return.

The month of presents, December, also brought the last gift for our group network. The new warehouse in Buzău, on Șoseaua Spătarului, no. 29 (DN2B), now allows much faster collections and deliveries from the adjacent areas and leads to a decrease in operating costs for the area it covers. The Raben Buzau warehouse is connected to Sibiu, Bucharest and Roman warehouses.

Raben Group as "your partner in logistics" always puts the expectations and satisfaction of its customers first, therefore a new customer support service was launched in Romania. Any customer has the opportunity to receive a quote in a maximum of 3 minutes, using the online platform MyOffer. All he has to do, is enter the details of the transport required, and the Raben platform will automatically generate the cost of the transport and will display it in the customer's account. With a few more clicks, a shipping order can be placed. The MyOffer module is part of the www.myRaben.com platform dedicated to customers, through which they can manage all transport orders (placing orders, monitoring, accompanying documents, etc.), in an extremely efficient and organized way. The myRaben platform has become a necessary tool for the good functionality of any customer who wants efficient transport, traceability and predictability.