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Raben's New Warehouse in Cluj


A state-of-the-art logistics hub with daily direct connections to Europe.

Raben's new warehouse in Floresti, Cluj represents a significant investment in strengthening the national groupage network and underscores Raben Group's ongoing commitment to providing high-quality logistics services. 

Cluj depot has been an important distribution center in Raben Group Romanian network since April 2017. However, the consistent growth in customer demands and freight volumes prompted further action. The previous 1,300 square meters owned by Raben became insufficient, leading to extensive expansion and modernization, culminating in the relocation to the new space in Floresti, Cluj.

The new warehouse, which opened its doors in November 2023, is a modern and spacious construction covering 3000 square meters, used for transshipment of freight shipments, as well as providing contract logistics solutions to Raben's partners. It is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the logistics industry, ensuring an optimal environment for handling, and storing goods efficiently and safely. The new warehouse features 8 access ramps for swift loading and unloading of goods and allows for handling up to 3,800 pallets daily.

One of the remarkable features of the new warehouse is its extensive network of daily direct connections with other warehouses in Romania as well as with other Raben warehouses across Europe. These efficient connections enable Cluj warehouse to facilitate rapid and reliable transport of goods to recipients. The daily direct international connections operated by Raben's new warehouse in Cluj include:


These daily direct links are fundamental to supporting the flow of goods within the European supply chain and consolidate Raben Group's position as a trusted and leading partner in international logistics.

For more information about the new warehouse in Cluj and the logistics services offered, you can visit the dedicated website of the warehouse at https://romania.raben-group.com/transport-marfa-cluj, where you will find additional details and a video presentation, providing a more comprehensive insight into the modern facilities and reliable services offered by Raben Group in Romania.