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Raben Ukraine automates

transmission of data to couriers

Raben Ukraine has fully automated the process of transmitting information to courier services by introducing a software product – Last Mile Connector – an innovative solution for warehousing infrastructure.

Last Mile Connector became part of the integration project between Warehouse Management System (WMS) of Raben Ukraine and a similar system of one of the key clients.

“By automating data transfer, we have not only increased the accuracy of processes, but also freed up staff time to perform other important tasks”, – comments Michal Kowal, Director of Contract Logistics Department at Raben Ukraine.

Prior to the introduction of Last Mile Connector, all shipments of goods from Raben Ukraine through courier services were registered manually on the relevant web portals. Every day, the company’s specialists made 800-1100 records of shipments. After the implementation of the Last Mile Connector solution, information about all operations displayed in the WMS of the company are automatically entered into the courier service systems with which integration is established.

The developer of the Last Mile Connector solution is CoreTeka.

“We are grateful to Raben Ukraine for the trust in accomplishing such a difficult and responsible task. We are pleased to implement our solution, which allowed to optimize processes related to last mile”, – adds Oleksandr Isachenko, CEO and Co-Founder of CoreTeka.

Raben Ukraine is constantly developing its warehousing infrastructure and offering the market the highest level of logistics and related services. In particular, the main options include full integration with the WMS and clear navigation to the shelves where products are stored. There is also a Li-ion technology, which simplifies the operating process and provides energy savings. In addition, a modern co-packing area and advanced operating systems are in place in the warehouses. There are also forklifts with precise weighing systems that provide higher accuracy in product selection, and next-generation digital sensors for measuring temperature and humidity.

Raben Ukraine has been working on the logistics market since 2003. It offers a full range of logistic services for contract logistics, international and domestic transportation as well as sea and air freight services. The company has about 500 employees. It also has about 70 000m² of warehouse space (including regions) and about 600 vehicles at own disposal.