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Raben opens two new logistics centres in Hungary

The new facilities add 40,000 sqm to the company’s portfolio

After completing a test run and finalizing processes, the two new warehouses of Raben Trans European Hungary Kft. are now fully operational. The two facilities in Dunaharaszti and Pécs were built according to the unique needs of the logistics company. The projects created nearly 100 new jobs. Raben Group, which is present in 14 countries across Europe, continues to extend its activity in Hungary: it will open its latest warehouse in Győr next year.

Raben Trans European Hungary Kft. successfully completed two new development projects this year. The company put two logistics centres into operation: a 30,000 sqm building in Dunaharaszti, where the company has it headquarters, and a more than 10,000-sqm one in Pécs. While the projects are basically adjusted to the current portfolio of the company, both sites are suitable to serve the needs of prospective customers as well.

The building in Dunaharaszti is located along highway 51 in CTPark Budapest South industrial park. Its most important feature is temperature control that makes it an ideal choice for companies from the food industry and FMCG non-food sector. The warehouse is divided into three parts: the chilled zone provides 0–4 degrees, while values may be set between 14 and 18 degrees in the temperature controlled area, and 5 and 25 degrees in the ambient section.

The safe loading and unloading of fresh products is secured by intelligent DOBO system that is essential for maintaining the continuity of the refrigeration chain.

In addition to the storage space, another 1,500 sqm is available on the mezzanine floor for a variety of value-added services, such as labelling, security tagging, packing, preparation of promotional packs, sealing, fulfilment, etc.

Due to its location and its role in the company’s groupage transportation activity the new warehouse in Dunaharaszti provides direct connection to Raben Group’s European network.

The other new warehouse was also opened this year in Pécs, along M60 motorway, as part of Inpark Pécs. The 11,000-sqm facility was completed in just over half a year, and it enables Raben to provide its key local customer even more flexible, reliable and cost-effective service. In addition, the cross-docking function of the building makes it an important part of the company’s nationwide network of depots.

One of the key features of the new warehouse is that, due to its special permits, it is suitable for storing and handling excisable goods. It also offers extensive administrative support to customers: data integration, goods tracking, incoming material inspection, among others.

Sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions are important factor in both logistics centres; this is reflected in building engineering elements and in warehouse equipment, too. Lithium-ion battery operated handling devices are more energy-efficient than traditional lead-acid versions, while they also and have a longer expected life cycle.

Following this year’s two projects, Raben is already working on its next development. The new warehouse in Győr will bring the company’s northwestern Hungarian and westbound international groupage transport activity to a new level.

Csaba Árvai, Managing Director of Raben Trans European Hungary Kft. said: „Logistics in the past couple of years is unquestionably one of the fastest developing sectors, where we experience diverse, sometimes special requirements from our customers. With our new warehouses we do not only intend to meet the needs of our current partners, but also aim to extend our portfolio and strengthen our market positions.

Rack system

  1. The rack system of the warehouses is made of strengthened steel alloy, with extra braces, enabling it to withstand earthquakes.
  2. The length of the entire rack surface in the Dunaharaszti warehouse may reach 26.8 kilometres – this is more than the north-south extent of Budapest, the capital city of Hungary.
  3. The capacity of the warehouse is approximately 45,000 pallets – these would form a tower of about 72 kilometres high when stacked on top of one another.
  4. The Pécs warehouse is capable to accommodate about 10,000 tons of goods – this weighs approximately 2600 times more than the biggest bell of the Pécs Cathedral, St. Peter’s bell.


Air treatment in the temperature controlled zone of the Dunaharaszti warehouse

  1. The capacity of the cooling system of the chilled zone exceeds that of 5,000 average household refrigerators.
  2. In addition to 50 air blowers, the temperature controlled sections include special, downward directed fans that help maintain the pre-set temperature in the entire airspace of the warehouse with a clear height of 12.5 meters.

Electric material handling equipment

  1. Forklifts and pallet carriers are powered by 24 or 48-volt Lithium-ion batteries
  2. By loading them at 268-amper current, in only 5 minutes they can take enough energy to operate for 2–3 hours.