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Raben Group takes part in „TruckerHeroes” campaign


Raben Trans European Germany GmbH is one of the first companies to participate in the "TruckerHeroes" campaign. TruckerHeroes is an initiative of the logistics platform Transporeon GmbH. The initiative aims to raise awareness and appreciation for the profession of truck driver and the obstacles associated with it, especially during the pandemic with its far-reaching restrictions and cuts in public life. The international logistics service provider accompanied truck driver André during a night drive between Mönchengladbach and Haiger to show all facets of the professional driver's daily work. 

The video, photos and an interview with a truck driver can be seen on Raben Group social media and on https://www.transporeon.com/en/trucker-heroes/. There some Raben Group drivers tell what it means to be a trucker hero in the crisis. "It is important for us that the work of the drivers is noticed. We feel the responsibility to increase the appreciation", says managing director Ewald Raben.

Driving through the republic by truck, boundless freedom and campfire romance - that was once the case. Today, the profession of a driver is less attractive, among other things, because of the immense time pressure and low esteem. In addition, there are the restrictions due to the again increasing number of infections. Nevertheless, they do exist, the Trucker Heros. For them, work is not just a job, but a vocation. They manage their daily routine with a lot of passion. That's why Ewald Raben and his team quickly decided to participate in Transporeon's campaign. TruckerHeroes would like to thank above all the men and women who drove trucks and steered airplanes and ships every day during the lockdown and beyond to keep the supply chains running.

During the lockdown overtime and shortened weekends were normal

Professional driver André did not have to think twice about being filmed during the night drive. He is passionate about driving his Iveco truck. He likes the American trucks best of all. During the lockdown he works more than ever before. Shortened weekends and daily overtime were and are not uncommon. Nevertheless, he does not want to change his place behind the wheel: "This way I can discover the world," says the Raben driver.

"The current situation is very hard for all of us"

Pierre also rides for Raben Group - preferably between Mönchengladbach and Tilburg in the Netherlands. He is aware of the importance of his profession and hopes that society will recognize the importance of truck drivers. "I decided to become a Trucker Hero in order to get involved in society, which can make a big difference all over the world," says the 30-year-old. The pandemic has changed a lot for the native of Cologne. He and his colleagues now have to stay in the truck until the warehouse staff have unloaded it. The conversations at the ramp, which Pierre greatly appreciates, are now limited to a minimum. "The situation is very tough for all of us at the moment because we are on our own," says Pierre. Finding a shower or toilet at rest areas is still possible, but under more difficult conditions due to the distance rules. Nevertheless, the professional driver for Raben likes to sit behind the wheel. What he appreciates most about the company is that it takes care of the health and safety of all its employees. And in the end, he was able to take some good things away from the lockdown in the spring: "The trips were more relaxed because we got through everywhere well and had to deal with no traffic jams," says Pierre.


Klaudyna Polanowska - Skrzypek

PR Manager