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Raben Group is the TOP BRAND 2021 in Poland


Raben Group has been recognized in the largest brand study in Poland – the TOP BRAND. For the second year in a row, the company has been among the most frequently mentioned brands in the media and at the top of the ranking in the “Transport and Logistics” category. It has been the 14th edition of the ranking organized by the PRESS magazine and PRESS-SERVICE Media Monitoring.

TOP BRAND 2021 is another such distinction for Raben Group in Poland - in 2020 the company also took the first place in the “Transport and Logistics” industry ranking. Being listed among 50 media-strongest brands as a representative of its sector is a confirmation of the true market position for a logistics operator. It also proves that in the past year the company was written about a lot, and most importantly - well. The place in the ranking is a consequence of the media strength of a brand, which consists not only of the number of publications, but also the impact (reach indicator which informs about the number of contacts between the audience and the brand) and the tone (qualitative evaluation of the message).

The second consecutive title of the TOP BRAND is naturally a reason for us to be pleased and satisfied. It is said that it does not matter what they say as long as they are talking about you - but we are very glad that the amount of information about Raben Group goes hand in hand with the quality. The last year has been very difficult for everyone. It showed the importance of transportation, but it also had the sector facing numerous challenges, which was certainly reflected in the media. All the more we appreciate that Raben was presented in a positive way and it was well received.” – summarises Klaudyna Polanowska-Skrzypek, Group PR Manager, Raben Group.

Since 2018, the analysis has invariably covered 500 brands across 50 industries but the amount of materials about them has been steadily growing. This year it was 10% more than last year - the ranking was based on 2 million press publications, 16 million online publications  and 90 million social media posts, that appeared between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. The originator of the project is the “Press” magazine while PRESS-SERVICE Media Monitoring is responsible for its methodology.

More information about the project - this year's edition, history and methodology can be found here.