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Raben donates HUF 1 million to University of Pécs Charity Fund


Raben Trans European Hungary Kft. supports those working to ease the COVID-19 epidemic through a HUF 1 million donation offered to University of Pécs Charity Fund. The amount will be primarily used to purchase medical devices and protective equipment, as well as to proceed procurements related to professional training for personnel involved in epidemiological patient care.

It was a symbolic event, an online meeting, where Csaba Árvai, Managing Director of Raben Trans European Hungary presented the gift of the company to Prof. Dr. Péter Németh, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Pécs Charity Fund. This year, Raben decided to offer the sum devoted for business partners’ gifts for a charitable purpose. In addition, it also offered a certain amount after every participant of its customer satisfaction survey.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Péter Németh expressed his appreciation for the donation primarily on behalf of the patients, secondly on behalf of each and every professional. As he pointed out, health care is a teamwork, where everyone’s efforts count. Due to the nature of a charity fund, decision making is quicker and easier than in the multi-level administration of the university, he added. In the framework of an internal tender, applications of the clinical departments of the institution are assessed within 48 hours, thus significantly shortening procurement processes.

Devices used for ventilation and intubation of patients, as well as personal protective equipment are among the most urgently needed items, while the donation will be also used to carry out an educational project. The emergency unit of the university hospital sets up a training cabinet to provide special training for those who work in other medical fields, but get involved in acute patient epidemiological patient care. Due to the intensive courses, these doctors and nurses will be more confident during their everyday activities.

Managing Director Csaba Árvai said:

"It is important that the company can donate an organization, whose executives know how to use it for the best purposes. As a company leader one may not have an insight into it, but the intention to help is obvious. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Raben has taken all possible organizational and safety measures to protect their colleagues’ health, while this year’s results made it possible to give a helping hand to their wider environment, too. As a decisive logistic service provider Raben has facilities in several Hungarian cities, including Pécs, where it will further expand its operations next year. In addition, University of Pécs is involved in consortia that are committed to accelerate vaccine research and development. With all this in mind, it was obvious that the company embraces important social matters of the city and the region."