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Raben and the Noble Gift travels 11,722 km together during the Weekend of Miracles


37 trucks, almost 12,000 kilometres, more than 60 unloading locations  and satisfaction too big to measure. There is one special weekend of the year when we multiply the good and work becomes a pleasure, not a duty. This year, during the Weekend of Miracles on 10 and 11 December, during the finale of the 22nd edition of the Noble Gift, Raben Group once again became part of this amazing campaign. 

The Noble Gift social campaign, which has been carried out by the Wiosna Association for many years now, probably needs no introduction. This year volunteers and benefactor once again rose to the occasion and accomplished something that would seem almost impossible in current difficult times. Despite the difficult economic situation, the war in Ukraine, rampant inflation and other adversities, or perhaps because of them, they have shown that the good multiplies when shared with others.

Raben Group has been supporting the Noble Gift during the Weekend of Miracles as a logistics partner since 2019. In June 2022, the operator also became involved in the special edition of the Noble Gift - the Solidarity Gift dedicated to refugee families from Ukraine. It comes to no surprise that on 10 and 11 December, Raben trucks once again crossed Poland to reach the people in need with aid.

“We are proud and happy to have been able to make our contribution to this project. This would not have been fully possible if it had not been for our many dedicated drivers and employees in the transport, sales and customer service departments. Some had already asked during the year if we were taking part. And when it was time to act, they devoted their time and energy to selflessly help others” - comments Katarzyna Ostojska, Marketing Manager at Raben Logistics Polska.

The transports carried out during the Weekend of Miracles by 37 Raben trucks and drivers accounted for 11,722 kilometres and 630 pallets on which aid packages prepared by Benefactors for 990 families were transported.

Meanwhile, a total of 15,500 families, i.e. more than 597,000 people, received smart aid during the Weekend of Miracles on 10 and 11 December!  They include around 5,000 senior citizens, almost 17,600 children and 5,000 single parents. More about the results of the 22nd edition of the campaign can be found at https://www.szlachetnapaczka.pl.

“Thanks to this collaboration and despite the considerable distances covered, Raben and the Noble Gift bring people together so that the aid can reach places where support is much harder to come by. Among others, to Mr Karol who struggles with a mental disability on a daily basis and who is learning to live independently after the death of his grandmother. During the Weekend of Miracles, parcels of food, cleaning products and an oil heater arrived so that the man could feel warm again. This year, Raben Group transported parcels for 990 such families! Thank you for being with us! We appreciate your loyalty and commitment, which you share with us throughout the year. I hope to see you again next year” - says Magdalena Kowacka, Managing Manager of the Noble Gift.

It is worth sharing what we have with others. For the Noble Gift families in need, this is an important material support, but also a boost to see that they are not alone, that they are part of a community that cares for each other. It is also often a source of strength to fight for oneself.

Remember - the next Weekend of Miracles is next year but you can help at any time.