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No transport, no barbecue

When the weather permits, during ordinary and long weekends, bank holidays and holiday trips, Poles light their barbecues. Although barbecue has a relatively short tradition in our country, it is one of the favourite ways of spending free time. Very few people, however, realize how many processes must take place and how many people are involved so that we can enjoy a tasty grilled dish. The role of producers of equipment, accessories, food and drinks is obvious. However, nothing would work if it wasn’t for efficient logistics.

According to a survey conducted by a well-known beer brand, Poles consider barbecue to be a significant civilization achievement and a symbol of positive lifestyle changes in the country after 1989. About 66% of respondents admit that they engage in this activity on a typical warm weekend[1]. So, it's not surprising that starting from the May weekend until the autumn chill, the smell of grilled dishes lingers over allotment gardens, backyards and designated places in parks or camp sites. Logistic operators are the invisible heroes of this universally liked, chilling and integrating entertainment.

The way of the product, colloquially called "from farm to fork", is a complex process subject to strict control at every stage of the supply chain. Logistics operators have a huge responsibility, which is associated not only with the delivery of goods to the indicated address, but also with the timeliness and, above all, the quality of stored and transported products, especially in the food industry. All barbecue fans owe them thanks for the great selection of goods on the shelves, as well as for the fact that they can put  fresh meat, sausage, fish or seafood on the grill, and make a salad of fresh, juicy vegetables.

The key task of a logistics company is to create a kind of bridge between the expectations of producers and final recipients. Manufacturers are constantly looking for new distribution channels to increase the availability of their products to a wider group of customers. It is for them that Fresh Logistics Polska, a company specializing in logistics services for fresh products, has introduced the UltraFresh service to the market. It is a dedicated supply system at a reduced temperature from 0 to +2 degrees Celsius. Thanks to it, stores have a wide selection of fresh meat or poultry packed in special MAP trays, allowing for the maintenance of the proper freshness of the product. 

On the other hand, modern consumers, i.e. final recipients, are becoming more and more demanding, and the quality of consumed products is undoubtedly a priority for them. Therefore, Fresh Logistics Polska operates in accordance with the Food Safety Management System (compliant with the ISO 22000: 2005 standard), ensuring safety of the goods through its storage and transport in a controlled temperature throughout the entire logistics chain. Thermal conditions of storing food products at every stage of their route (from the producer to the consumer) always comply with the provisions of the Food Law in force in Poland and the EU countries. It is also worth mentioning that all storage facilities and refrigerated semi-trailers are subject to continuous veterinary and hygienic control

What is more, the barbecue tastes of the Poles are becoming more and more sophisticated. The times when we enjoyed just the traditional pork or chickens are long gone. Today, the barbecue menu contains more sophisticated ingredients, such as asparagus in Parma ham straight from Italy or Norwegian salmon, which often travel many kilometres before they appear on shop shelves and in refrigerators. In the case of such delicacies, it is worth mentioning the international distribution service, which has been in the portfolio of Fresh Logistics Polska since 2004. The network of regular linehaul connections and cooperation with logistics operators in Europe enable the provision of export-import services, customs clearance and distribution of fresh goods. Fresh Logistics Polska is a leading member of the European Food Network - a groupage network which covers 35 European countries. Thanks to international cooperation in which hundreds of people and logistics processes are involved, delicacies from the farthest corners of the world appear on Polish tables.

Safe and fresh products: meat and poultry, fish and seafood, cheese and vegetables seem to be a natural element of a barbecue party. However, it is worth considering for a moment if they would get there at all and taste just as well if it weren’t for a reliable and trustworthy logistics operator who makes sure that the way of the product “from farm to fork” is quick, compliant with legal regulations, and above all safe.

[1] “Polacy cenią swój czas wolny”, the MillwardBrown SMG / KRC survey commissioned by the Żubr brand, May 2012.


Antoni Zbytniewski

Key Account Manager

Fresh Logistics Polska