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myRaben - System for managing cooperation with a logistics operator

Are you looking for one reliable system that will allow you to manage the logistics process easily? We for you a reliable solution that will make cooperation with a logistics company simple and pleasant. It is for our customers that we decided to create the "myRaben" platform, which aims to optimize business processes and facilitate communication with customers.

The platform is an example of an innovative approach to supply chain management, offering customers an intuitive interface and a wide range of functionalities.

The myRaben platform allows you to:

1) Ongoing tracking of the status of your shipments in myTrack&Trace, so you know exactly what stage of delivery your shipment is at.

2) Place and manage orders in real time including quick order confirmation.

3) The ability to get a quick transportation quote in the myOffer module, so you get a ready quote in just a few minutes and can order the service.

4) The ability to submit claims to shipments established in the system.

5) Manage the delivery parameters in myDelivery, so that you can adjust the delivery to your needs accordingly.

With "myRaben" you get access to all necessary documents in one place, which greatly simplifies administrative processes. In addition, the platform provides the ability to quickly file claims and price shipments, which is key to effective cost management.

Flexibility in setting delivery parameters is another advantage, which allows you to customize your services. All of this adds up to a comprehensive solution that not only increases satisfaction in daily work with a logistics operator, but also contributes to the company's operational efficiency.

If you are interested in setting up an account with myRaben contact your account manager or simply register at myRaben.com.