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Aichach branch increases South Europe transport


Augsburg. The new location, sized at 25,000 square metres, is located directly by the A8 and forms an important node in the European network of Raben for daily connections to Austria, Italy, Czechia and Poland. They will amend the continuous direct connections, guaranteeing high-frequency support for South-Eastern European branches with closely planned connections.

„Slim and efficiently designed processes allow a faster and more reliable supply chain. We are closer to the customer and are developing a resilient network“, explains Raben’s CEO, Ewald Raben.

Customers from the automotive, consumer goods and chemical industries profit from delivery times of less than 24 hours and via 36 daily direct connections. And due to the avoidance of unnecessary empty runs, Raben has achieved a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Raben is at home in fifteen European countries, with approx. 160 depots and 1.4 million square kilometres storage space. More than 13,000 employees and a fleet of about 13,500 vehicles make sure daily that bulk and consolidated cargo reaches their destination at the right time and in the right volume. The new Aichach branch will be mainly used to pick and distribute goods for transport to Southern and Eastern Europe, utilising a transshipment area of 4,500 sq m.

In the future, Aichach will be a central logistics platform for South-Eastern Europe

The location at the B 300 and the A8 will in the future form a central logistics platform.

„Thus, we will be able to provide our industrial customers with on-demand and long-term resource planning, we will be able to better react to seasonal variations and significantly reduce delivery times“, Raben explains. The owner-operated company guarantees for all shipments to Austria, Italy and Czechia, with deadlines at 21.00, delivery times within 24 hours. „We can even reach 50% of our branch offices in the region if the goods are transferred until 23.30“, Raben explains.

The majority of Austrian branches utilise rail connections so that shipments can be transported more cost-efficiently and sustainably in combined rail-road traffic. The Czech location at Rokycany is also a new one in Raben’s network and in the future, it will allow daily direct connections to Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. All European destinations are encompassed by the rule that Raben, as a full-service logistics provider for industrial customers, can take over distribution of all packages, independent of their size and transport volume. Beside FCL (Full Container Load) transports, one may also book LTL (Less than container load) options. Raben Group organises entire supply chains both as exporter and importer.

New branch is developed according to the DGNB Gold Standard

The new branch is developed according to the Gold Standard of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council). The building uses state-of-the-art forklift technologies with intelligent and optimised batteries, in order to reduce power consumption, as well as LED lighting anywhere it is permissible according to safety rules. The ramps on the 42 gates for loading and unloading have top thermal insulation. Furthermore, Raben bets on mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, with the required energy primarily acquired from renewable sources. Raben already signed a corresponding contract concerning the delivery of renewable energies in the year 2021.