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"We care about people"

Safety is our priority

Safety is our priority

People with drive

People with drive

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Reliable business partner

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  • Safety is our priority

    Safety is our priority

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„People with Drive” it is an apt description that defines our corporate culture. 

We strive to attract the most talented employees, retain them, and provide them with various opportunities for personal growth. We are committed to promoting health and safety at the workplace, respecting human rights as well as equal opportunity recruitment and employment, which is confirmed by the Raben Group Code of Ethics, among others.

We do not accept any form of discrimination in our organisation and we implement practices to prevent it.

We see diversity in the workplace as a value that broadens our horizons, provides a basis for greater creativity and better understanding of the diverse social and business reality that surrounds us and which we are a part of.

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Health and safety of our employees is a non-negotiable part of our business.

Compliance with legal requirements and functioning occupational health and safety management systems are just the foundation of our safety culture. We shape it through the work of the SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) team, implementation of ISO 45001 principles and ongoing incydent  management. We assess the current status of our safety culture by monitoring the KPIs of the SHE programme and by conducting health and safety system audits.

The Golden Rules of Safety in Raben Group are written principles which we expect will be complied with by all employees and persons providing services to us who are not covered by a contract of employment.

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Managing social impact and engagement in important social goals is one of the material topics included in the ESG Strategy of Raben Group.

We have defined our commitments and goals which focuses on:

  • education on road safety                                                                                      
  • the importance of transport & logistics                                                                  
  • bringing substantial help to children and people in difficult life situations 

We implement social activities primarily through:

  • charity transports: we support non-governmental organizations and social campaigns with this type of pro bono services. Transport is possible thanks to the commitment of our subcontractors’ drivers;
  • volunteering: we share our know-how by giving lectures at kindergartens, schools, and universities
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Improving working conditions at our suppliers

Since 2019, we have been a member of the CSR Europe Responsible Trucking initiative. It brings together the main representatives of the TFL industry in Europe with the main goal of improving working conditions for truck drivers. The outcome of our work are the “Social Standards in Transport” which clearly defi ne the guidelines for working conditions of drivers.

In 2021, the developed document was officially communicated and we declared that we will implement all the requirements outlined in it by the end of 2024.