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Sustainability is without doubt at the heart of our business and our overall commitments and these goals are defined at the highest level of the Group structure. Raben Group has the Sustainability Committee in place, one which is chaired by the CEO who is actively involved in setting sustainability directions and goals.

The Committee meets quarterly and its powers include:

  • support of the implementation of the revised Sustainability Strategy, evaluation of strategies and plans, KPIs and ESG goals,

  • deciding on climate-related goals,
  • setting up and approving sustainability initiatives.
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In Raben Group, we provide our employees and other stakeholders with the opportunity to voice their concerns via a whistleblowing platform on our website.

Wherever they might feel uncomfortable raising the issue through their supervisor or HR Department, they can use theplatform which guarantees protection against victimization, harassment or legal steps being taken against them.

Have you witnessed an illegal action, or one violating our Code of Ethics or it seems to you that such a situation should not happen?

Let us know!

Report it - also anonymously


At the Raben Group, we care about climate change

In 2021, the Raben Group performed a climate scenario analysis.

The goal of the process was to inform the identification and assessment of climate-related risks and opportunities and to comply with the Recommendations of the Task-Force on  Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

The Group has brought together  2 scenarios, which represent plausible, yet different outcomes in regards to global emission pathways and the resulting mean temperature rise: a 1.5°C Scenario and a 4°C Scenario.


At Raben Group we are committed to conducting our business in accordance with the highest standards of integrity and ethics.

Our Anti-Corruption Policy and Antitrust Policy reflect our unwavering commitment to fostering a corporate culture that promotes transparency, accountability and compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards. This dual commitment underscores our efforts to maintain a competitive environment, promote fair business practices and maintain the trust of our stakeholders.

We encourage all employees and partners to familiarise themselves with both policies and to integrate these principles into their daily work. Together, we can build a culture that not only rejects corruption, but also embraces fair competition and reinforces our commitment to ethical behaviour in every aspect of our business.