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The service of intermodal transport allows for utilisation of advantages of various means of transport
while using the same loading unit (container/trailer).

We offer the following intermodal solutions: rail – road and short sea freight for loads in containers
(20’, 40’, 45’) and huckepack trailers.

Thanks to us you gain:

  • comprehensive logistics service at all phases of execution
  • opportunity to optimise the time and the cost of delivery depending on the used means of transport
    and the length of the route
  • lower risk of damage to the goods by handling the original container unit
  • opportunity to transport large cargo at one time
  • reduced CO2 emissions

The service of intermodal transport is rendered by Raben Transport.

The company offers:

  • rail connection serviced directly by Raben Transport between Gliwice and Gdynia/Gdańsk
  • rail-road intermodal forwarding service to selected European countries: Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands
  • road-rail-sea intermodal forwarding service to selected European countries: Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Russia

Rail transport is supplemented with the following services:

  • road transport of containers (pick-ups and drop-offs)
  • terminal services in Gliwice (handling, storage)
  • customs clearance (on request)

Connection details:

  • transit time between Gliwice and Gdynia/Gdańsk - 18 hours
  • trains run 6 x per week


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