Contract Logistics

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Comprehensive logistics service rendered within the Fresh Logistics service which allows for the synchronisation of individual elements of the whole supply chain. It is of crucial importance for guaranteeing safety of goods and the speed and quality of reactions to the changing needs of Customers while maintaining optimum costs. 

Contract Logistics Services are rendered in modern warehouses with the total area exceeding several thousand of square meters. 

Logistics processes connected with the flow of goods reflect individual needs of the Customers, e.g. procedures for control and inbouding of goods, as well as specific expectations of their consignees concerning e.g. the methods of securing goods, preparing shipments or their labelling. 

The warehousing process is rendered in compliance with all relevant requirements resulting from food safety or the specifics of the goods entrusted by the Customers, e.g. the possibility of storing goods in different temperature ranges, the variety of logistics units, as well as the standards and legal regulations existing in particular countries. The stored goods may also be labelled, weighed and compiled in promotional sets. Utilising such services allows for limiting the Customer's production process.

Modern IT systems guarantee rapid data interchange with the electronic Customer service system and allow for appropriate management and handling of goods - taking into account specific requirements of consignees, e.g. minimum best-before date at the time of delivery. They also allow for the identification of goods in the whole logistics process which is especially important in the case of recalling the goods or the whole batch from the market. 

The team of Employees dedicated to servicing the particular Customer guarantees daily, fast and direct contact. It is particularly important in case of non-standard actions, e.g. servicing seasonal growth of turnover or agreeing the details of planned promotional campaigns. 

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