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Raben e-Commerce is a comprehensive tool based on conceptual, operational and execution assistance for Internet sellers. Thanks to partner agreements with companies from  IT, TFL and KEP sectors we also offer a range of services and tools in e-business logistics.
We are developing them.

Packing, shipment records, delayed courier, problematic customer, claim, warehouse - those phrases can ruin the peace of mind of each e-entrepreneur.
We are aware of that.

We have facilities and resources which enable us to offer comprehensive services for e-Commerce.  Selecting the e-trading platform and the sales model, warehouse services, shipment delivery, returns, payments, customer service via e-mail and phone, marketing assistance. We help in all of these business areas.
We want to and we like it.

Each day we make the work of e-entrepreneurs easier. Knowledge and experience, safety and convenience, comfort and speed. Raben e-Commerce is a part of the next pair. Let's see who will complement it.
We act together.

Comprehensive approach

Our operations focus of six areas in which we are able to offer the services tailored to your needs.


  • storing goods for sale via the e-Commerce channel
  • accepting deliveries replenishing the stock of goods for the e-Commerce channel
  • cross-docking (ordering missing parts of shipments from suppliers)
  • warehouse Management System supporting and monitoring all warehouse operations and functions

Picking, Packing, Shipping

  • packing >> Printing shipping documents >> Printing and adding invoices to shipments
  • shipping >> Managing relations and integration with many carriers >> Ongoing monitoring of the delivery status of courier shipments >> COD shipment services

Returns Management

  • handling returned goods and products; goods replacements
  • systemic registration of reasons for return; replenishing warehouse stock with returned products
  • individual process of handling returned and damaged products / goods agreed with the online shop

Payments Management

  • online payments management
  • managing standard bank transfers in the Mass Payments model – in cooperation with any bank operating in Poland
  • managing received transfers for COD shipments (mail and courier shipments)

Customer Care

  • servicing product enquiries
  • servicing order/shipment status enquiries
  • representing the brand of the Internet shop
  • training personnel in product offer and in representing the brand
  • customer service quality control

Webshop set up and design

  • providing e-shop software
  • execution and implementation of functional changes
  • integration with the existing website and ERP systems
  • automatic order management
  • full functionality required for running an advanced Internet shop
  • flexibility – possibility of the SAAS model

The key element allowing for the development of the e-Commerce service is the Warehouse Management System RedPrairie, allowing for offering Customers the highest standard of services via such functionalities as: multi order picking, reverse picking, integration with external systems (e.g. scales, conveyor, labeller, etc.). Due to the comprehensive approach to servicing Internet shops and the advanced IT solutions, Raben takes over Customers' responsibilities related to managing deliveries, acceptance and release of goods, thanks to which they may focus on developing their business, marketing and building their brand.

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