Co-manufacturing & Co-packing

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Contract Logistics Customers can use Raben Group's offer of co-manufacturing and co-packing. Both services are the next step for our Customers to optimise processes in the logistics chain and, consequently, the costs of logistics operations.

Co- manufacturing - additional service of assembling ready products by compiling them from different stored components. The final product is then packed and shipped to the end user. In this way Raben Group becomes
a part of not only the logistics process, but also of the basic production process. 

Co-packing – a service of creating dedicated sets of products depending on the order. It is often used when compiling promotional or thematic sets where, apart from selecting the appropriate products, the packaging must also be customised.  

Advantages of using co-manufacturing and co-packing:

  • gaining the synergy effect by combining the service of picking the products, creating dedicated sets and logistics operations
  • optimum allocation of production resources by transferring some of these operations to the scope of responsibility of the logistics operator
  • quick and flexible reactions to the changing market needs through creating thematic sets with short delivery times
  • possibility of co-packing short series of products or even unique sets suitable for the needs of individual consignees, even retailers
  • possibility of focusing on the core business through outsourcing services to the logistics operator
  • lack of fixed warehousing costs due to the costs of actual monthly volumes - the costs are therefore adequate to the quantity of the released and sold volumes
  • no costs related to the construction and running a warehouse, purchasing and maintaining the equipment, staff training and staff turnover


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