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E-commerce (otherwise known as e-business) is a branch of trade based on electronic devices. It utilises the means of remote communication and therefore the transactions between the buyer and the seller are made outside the location of the company. This fact dictates the specifics of e-commerce, standards of services, legal regulations, and the challenges for logistics and forwarding companies.

Despite its over a dozen-year-long history, it is still a relatively young method of selling and buying, and it is still taking shape together with the new generations. This also means that some of the companies which operate on the market must face the difficult task of shifting their sales online and some of them are forced to modify their strategies so that the e-business is served at the highest possible level.

In Raben Group we have decided to prepare a product for e-sellers which will guarantee comprehensive logistics services - from accepting the goods into the warehouse, through picking and dispatching shipments, to claim-handling (return) of goods, payments management, and assistance in e-shop platforms. We are building the Raben e-Commerce brand dedicated for both large online retailers as well as for smaller traders who base their business on auction sites.

We continuously increase our Customer portfolio using the support of marketing campaigns, partnerships, conferences and actions which build the awareness of our product.

In the warehouses in Gądki, Gdańsk, Stryków, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Piaseczno and Chorzów employees prepare shipments late into the night so that end-Customers of e-business could enjoy their purchases already the next day. The testimonials we have received prove that we meet our Customers' expectations at the highest level.

For more information, please contact us or visit: www.raben-ecommerce.com

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