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Spomlek Dairy Cooperative is a Customer of Fresh Logistics Polska in the area of fresh products.

The company from Radzyń Podlaski is one of the largest Polish producers of cheese. In 2013 in produced almost 21 thousand tons of Dutch- and Swiss-style cheeses. Over ¼ of the production is sold outside Poland. The Cooperative has a particularly strong position on the Russian market where it exports approx. 40% of its goods. The company is one of the pillars of the Polish dairy export to Russia.

Spomlek is known above all as the producer which specialises in mature cheeses. As the first company in Poland it launched the production of Radamer cheese with holes and long matured Bursztyn. Apart from several types of cheese, the company makes powdered products (milk, buttermilk, whey) and butter. The production takes place in four locations: in the main facility in Radzyń Podlaski and in branches in Parczewo, Chojnice and Młynary (near Elbląg).

The company also represents 100 years of cooperative businesses in the region of Podlesie. Currently in belongs to over 1,800 shareholders, approx. 1,300 of which are individual farmers - suppliers, and 500 are the Cooperative employees. Its aim is to achieve optimum financial results and to ensure the highest possible rates for good quality milk for its suppliers. Annually the company processes over 300 million litres of cow's milk.

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