Raben’s logistics center at CTPark Prague East is the best in the country - wins Best Warehouse Development at the CIJ Awards Czech Republic 2018

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Developer CTP Invest won the Best Warehouse Development Award at this year’s CIJ Awards Czech Republic for the logistics center built for Raben Logistics Czech at CTPark Prague East. CTP will proceed to the European real estate competition where the winning projects from fifteen countries of Central and Southeastern Europe will be presented.


Raben Logistics Czech delivered 48 tons of aid from nine regions, and the drivers drove nearly 4,500 kilometres

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This year's National Food Collection that took place in November has provided over half a million servings of food and another 41 tons of drugstore goods that will help lonely seniors, single mothers or in shelters before Christmas. For the fourth time now, the logistics company Raben Logistics Czech took care of the rapid transfer of food and drugstore goods from stores to food banks and non-profit organisations.




Raben Group supports Christmas parcel convoy to Eastern Europe

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On 1 December, the Christmas parcel convoy set off from Hanau to Eastern Europe to bring joy to children in need. For the second time Ewald Raben, CEO of Raben Group, is one of the patrons of the non-profit project of the Round Table and Ladies' Circle Germany. As in the previous year, Raben Group also provided the central warehouse for the convoy, which this year comprises more than 156,000 packages and 250 helpers.


Future according to Raben

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Autonomous trucks, drones delivering smaller shipments, a hyperloop rushing with dizzying speed, a fully automated warehouse. These are just some of today's images of tomorrow's logistics. In the latest film “Raben - the future of logistics” Raben Group presents its vision of the future for the TFL industry.


New daily connections on the Germany-Italy line

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Italy is famous for its fashionable shoes, world-famous pasta and pizza and the love of espresso. Germany, in turn, is a country known for the best cars, fine beer and high-quality cleaning products. Although apparently do not have much in common, they are connected by intense trade, and from today also by the network of daily connections of Raben Group on the Italy-Germany line.


Forest time with Raben

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On Saturday, October 20, Raben Group volunteers, together with the Aeris Futuro Foundation and the local community, planted 2000 trees in the town of Krzywa in Beskid Niski. It has been the fifth planting action and it traditionally crowned the “e-invoice = higher culture” campaign, during which Raben plants one tree for each customer's consent to switching to an electronic invoice. So far company has planted close to 12,000 trees all over Poland.



M1RA and Raben hand in hand

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As of September 2018, following the signing of the sponsorship contract Raben Trans European Hungary Kft. is the official logistics partner of M1RA, the team of Norbert Michelisz – multiple Touring Car World Championship Winner Hungarian.


Raben takes over TGL TransportLogistik from THE GREENLINE

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September 18, 2018 - Subject to approval by the antitrust authorities, the Raben Group signed an agreement on 18 September to take over TGL TransportLogistik Schüttorf, part of the THE GREENLINE group of companies located in the southwest of Lower Saxony. TGL TransportLogistik employs around 80 people and plans to achieve sales of around 15 million euros in 2018. The transaction is part of the development strategy of Raben Group in Germany. The acquisition will be finalized on October 1, 2018, after the approval of antitrust authorities.


The spirit of rivalry the Raben Cup

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300 players, 28 teams from 10 countries and the inspiration drawn from the World Cup. Add to this loyal supporters and the atmosphere as heated as this year at stadiums in Russia. This is a brief summary of the Raben Cup 2018, the football tournament for employees and drivers of Raben Group.


Kilometres for charity

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400 km by bicycle along the Alps, 10 daredevils, 5 days on the road, common goal - helping children in Ukraine and the collected total sum of EUR 30,000. This is the result of the Halfway Alp Tour charity trip, with the participation of CEO Raben Group, Ewald Raben, organized on the occasion of his 50th birthday.


Raben Ukraine celebrates 15 years anniversary

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What is needed to enable the company to celebrate its 15th anniversary? Everything is simple. First of all: to work on the market actively developing its service portfolio exactly the same time, i.e 15 years. Secondly, have an inspired team that leads the company passionately to success. And the third: to be inspired by the example of the company owner, who proves that "impossible in reality is possible"


Hundreds of millions invested at Raben Trans European Hungary

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After more than a half year a 1,200 m2 warehouse for storage of flammable materials was built at the Raben Dunaharaszti site as a result of the company's collaboration with a new customer. The preparatory period was extremely effective and short compared to the complexity of the task.



Time to transport ice cream

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Is there anything better than a moment of sweet cool refreshment on a hot day? Ice cream is associated with carefree childhood, birthdays, reward for a good school report or the first date. Researchers have even found that they lower the level of stress response. However, in order not to lose their magical properties, they must be properly stored and transported - this is the job for Fresh Logistics.


Opole - welcome to the new branch location

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On June 22, 2018, the branch of Raben Logistics Polska in Opole was officially opened. The ceremony was attended by, among others, the Mayor of Opole, Mr. Arkadiusz Wiśniewski, and his Deputy Maciej Wujec. The depot has been operating in Opole for years and this year a decision was made to change its location and move to a modern warehouse complex.


Raben on the way with ecology - eco2way social campaign

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Raben Group is aware of the impact the TFL industry has on the natural environment. The company is focused on minimising this “footprint” as much as possible. That is the reason for launching a new social campaign: “Eco2way - on the way with ecology” based on a social experiment and a contest “Are you ECO Family”, in which Raben encourages ecological behaviours on a daily basis.


#FreshExpress - from cow to your table

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Two independent women: Magda, a driver of Fresh Logistics Polska, and DR Lifestyle, a blogger-dietician, in one truck filled with Zott yoghurts. In addition, the road "from the cow to table" from Opole, through Gliwice, to Gdańsk. In the background: diet tips and talks about “girl power” at the wheel - all broadcast live on social media - this is a summary of the second edition of the #RabenExpress action - or #FreshExpress #ZottExpress to be precise, which reached over 1 million users of new media.


Thanks to the new program, the turnover of road freight vehicles accelerates

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The launch of the KAPU system in March 2018 has been a successful one for Raben Trans European Hungary Kft., as it not only accelerates the flow of goods but also provides a 'green solution' for the environment.


Customers confirm a significant increase in productivity through own groupage network of Raben Germany

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About a quarter of a year after the launch of its own groupage network in Germany, Raben Group and its customers have a positive balance. The quality of delivery, punctuality and the quality of collections have better values compared to the previous year. To ensure a smooth transition from a partnership structure to an independent network, Raben Germany has spent months of intensive work on preparing resources, optimising routes and streamlining IT solutions.


Raben again took care of the career choices and the professional experience of young people

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Raben Trans European Hungary Kft. highly emphasizes social responsibility. It is important that young people learn about logistics from the best sources and thatis why they were offered a chance of taking a closer look at our company.


Safety Month in Raben Group

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Overturn simulator, decision reaction time simulator, drunk goggles, meetings with ergonomists, drawing blind spots invisible from the driver's cab. And above all, SUSA discussions and long talks about health and safety at work - this is the overview of April in Raben Group a.k.a. Safety Month.


Raben opened a new modern headquarters in Nupaky near Prague

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On April 19, 2018, on the tenth anniversary on the Czech and Slovak market, Raben Logistics Czech officially cut the red ribbon of the new headquarters in Nupaky near Prague. "The new logistics centre, with the area of over 27,000 square meters, is one of the most modern buildings in the logistics sector in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is an important milestone for Raben Group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and that is why we celebrated it with our customers and employees," says Jakub Trnka, the Managing Director of Raben Logistics Czech and Raben Logistics Slovakia.


Ewald Raben Entrepreneur of the Year in Germany

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The Raben Group is a family company whose core value is entrepreneurship. The company has been thriving on the German market since 2005. In January 2018, Raben Trans European Germany launched its own independent distribution network in Germany. Therefore, with the greatest pleasure we would like to share the information that Ewald Raben, CEO of the Raben Group, was presented with the 2018 LEO Award in the “Entrepreneur of the Year” category by Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung on 23 March. Ewald Raben accepted the honour at a celebration gala at the Curiohaus in Hamburg.


Raben Group sums up 2017

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Setting up a new company: Raben East, launching a dedicated R&D Department, the acquisition of four businesses and readiness to open own logistics network in Germany. Also establishment of two new depots in Romania and the purchase of a 20% stake in Italian Sittam. These are just some of the last year highlights of Raben Group.


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