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Microcosms – corporate and local intertwine to create a broad perspective. The development of the local community is one of the key elements of corporate social responsibility, affecting its resources and innovativeness, to name just two. The company, by contributing to local actions provides not only workplaces, but also builds social capital. Supporting local initiatives it contributes to the development, education and strengthening of the community.

Raben Group’s employees, if they want to change any aspect of their surroundings, in more than 130 offices in 10 countries of Europe, can take part in an employee voluntary action – Show your INITiative.

Its aim is to encourage employees to entrepreneurial behaviours, and above all, pro-social and ecological behaviors aimed at promoting and developing the local community. In 2014, we received more than 50 projects positively influencing the local reality.

We conducted workshops on ecology in kindergartens, we planted trees in a hospice, we donated necessary IT equipment to local educational institutions.

Anna Chmiel, Remuneration System Cooperator, who carried out one of the projects, comments the action: "I am very pleased that the program: Show your INITiative helps other people to protect the environment and it also takes into the public interest into account. I was happy to take part in this project and proudly represent Raben Group outside the company.

The voluntary Show your INITiative program makes the use of knowledge, experience and competence of Raben Group employees, who work to improve their surroundings contributing to the environment’s sustainable development.



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