Risk Management

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Transport, Forwarding and Logistics (TFL) are the sectors of the economy where managing the supply chain bears a significant risk. The identification and description of risks in this complex environment must include both internal factors, such as Employees or operational processes, and internal ones, which include changes of the company's environment, e.g.:

  • Suppliers - termination of the contract, unsatisfactory quality of services, poor timeliness
  • Customers - changes in the quality requirements
  • Competitors - changes in the sector or business activities

Raben Group has implemented the comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management System based on the standards developed by the AIRMIC association.

The main objectives identified in our ERM policy are:

  • protecting people's health and life
  • securing the assets and operational capabilities of the Group
  • protecting reputation
  • protecting the interests of all stakeholders

The system of risk management includes the scales of consequences and probabilities at the level of the Group and individual companies. They cover the following areas: human and financial factors, the environment and the reputation.

Based on the dedicated IT solutions, Raben Group companies identify, describe and assess risks and make the inventory of the existing control mechanisms and protections.
If the owners of the risk, during the conducted risk analysis, comes to a conclusion that the implemented safety procedures are insufficient or ineffective, they are obliged to draw up and implement preventive actions and safety measures which will allow for lowering the risk level and for more efficient risk control.

According to the implemented policy, Raben companies have a duty to annually review the risks and report the following elements connected with serious and critical risks:

  • effectiveness of the implemented control mechanisms
  • implementation status of the prepared preventive and control plans
  • newly identified risks

The Group's policy also defines the methodology of trainings for individual groups of employees. The elements of risk management, and the control mechanisms in particular, have been defined in appropriate systems and they are regularly reviewed. 


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