Information Security System

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Raben Group is a reliable partner for small, medium and large enterprises which have decided to outsource their logistics services. Being a responsible organisation, we are aware that information has its specific value and is a resource which requires appropriate protection.

Each day we process high volumes of data: we exchange order details, plan optimum routes for our consignments, monitor the flow of shipments and generate reports of warehouse stocks. Following international standards, Raben Group sees information security as providing the adequate level of its confidentiality, accessibility and integrity. Due to the above, our Customers can be sure that:

  • confidential information will be entrusted exclusively to authorised persons
  • necessary information is available at the request of persons who need it, which allows for rapid order execution
  • we pay special attention to the fact that the data we work with are complete and reliable which allows for minimising the risk of mistakes

We are aware that guaranteeing information security is a process which requires monitoring and constant improvements. The growing expectations of the business environment and the dynamic development of information technology pose an ever greater challenge in this field. This triggers the need to continuously advance the already existing mechanisms. We achieve this objective by building and developing the information security management system based on the requirements of the international standard ISO 27001. This standard defines the requirements concerning the creation, implementation and perfecting the procedures and processes of data administration.

The activities undertaken by us include:

  • performing risk analyses which allow for the identification of existing threats and measuring their consequences
  • creating and perfecting procedures governing information security
  • building the awareness of the importance of information security among employees through regular trainings


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