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We are aware of our impact on the natural environment. We want this influence to be positive. Ecology is of great importance for us. By conserving natural resources, measuring, reporting and lowering emissions of greenhouse gases, we act for the common good - for the future. After all we want next generations to have access to the same resources we are able to use today.
We encourage the users of our services to act ecologically offering them an opportunity to use e-invoices which saves time, conserves natural resources and eliminates the risk of losing the document.
We offer our Customers certified tools to measure their impact on the environment, such as Greenhouse Gases Calculator which allows them to accurately measure the emissions of greenhouse gasses and carefully plan the targets of their reduction.


Forest time with Raben

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On Saturday, October 20, Raben Group volunteers, together with the Aeris Futuro Foundation and the local community, planted 2000 trees in the town of Krzywa in Beskid Niski. It has been the fifth planting action and it traditionally crowned the “e-invoice = higher culture” campaign, during which Raben plants one tree for each customer's consent to switching to an electronic invoice. So far company has planted close to 12,000 trees all over Poland.



Raben on the way with ecology - eco2way social campaign

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Raben Group is aware of the impact the TFL industry has on the natural environment. The company is focused on minimising this “footprint” as much as possible. That is the reason for launching a new social campaign: “Eco2way - on the way with ecology” based on a social experiment and a contest “Are you ECO Family”, in which Raben encourages ecological behaviours on a daily basis.


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