Business Continuity Management

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Business Continuity Management covers a set of comprehensive, formalised and cyclical actions aimed at preparing a pre-planned, effective reaction of companies to a critical situation in order to minimise the consequences of interruption of critical business processes.

Each company, regardless of the sector, faces the risk of incidents which may interrupt business activities. Due to that fact, it is essential to identify scenarios and draw up business continuity plans. Raben Group companies created first emergency procedures and built the composition of relevant crisis response teams several years ago. However, they covered only some of the critical business incidents.

The maturity of organisation encouraged the Management Board of Raben Group to implement comprehensive Business Continuity Management in individual companies. The project was divided into several phases. So far the system has been introduced in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, and in Hungary. In 2014 the implementation is planned in the Netherlands and in German branches.

Based on the prepared methodology, the Group Policy was drawn up and implemented and it defines the scope of the Business Continuity Management System, adequate plans, as well as responsibilities for individual elements of the System. After the conducted analysis of risks which may interrupt business processes, preventive actions have been prepared and are being implemented.

Companies which implemented the Business Continuity Management System have built the Crisis Management Structure and detailed business continuity plans. Their scope is divided into two parts:

  • general, which defines the following aspects: description of crisis scenarios, methods of plan distribution, rules of launching the plan, communication in a critical situation, methodology of recording the course of the critical situation and its  closing, methodology of conducting tests, rules for reviews and updates of the plan
  • detailed sections of the plan define the scope of responsibilities and individual steps taken during the incident

All documentation has been incorporated into the Integrated Management Systems which are regularly reviewed and audited.

Additionally the emergency plans undergo annual tests which are organised in a form of a staff game. The main element of the tests is verification of the procedures against their coherence, correctness and completeness and verification of the Crisis Management Structures against their competencies, authorisations and numbers. The test scenario is designed in a way that enforces interaction between the team members, verifies the functioning of escalation and communication procedures, and provides the element of time pressure, which is inevitable in all critical situations.


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