The spirit of rivalry the Raben Cup

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300 players, 28 teams from 10 countries and the inspiration drawn from the World Cup. Add to this loyal supporters and the atmosphere as heated as this year at stadiums in Russia. This is a brief summary of the Raben Cup 2018, the football tournament for employees and drivers of Raben Group.

This year's edition of the Raben Cup tournament has come to an end. There were many football emotions, and the honourable victory belongs to the Polish team from Tarnów. The tournament and the picnic for fans was organized on September 15 at the MOSIR Stadium in Poznań.

“Emotions were high and the fight was fierce from the beginning to the very end. However, after each match the players shook hands and together they supported other teams. The spirit of sports rivalry is close to us thanks to the corporate culture based on ethics and promoting health and safety among employees” - said Jakub Krzewina, CSR Coordinator at Raben Group and the player of Tulip Tigers. - “When creating the tournament we were inspired by this year's World Cup in Russia do the formula was almost identical.”

In total, 28 teams and approximately 300 employees of Raben Group took part in the tournament. The teams were divided into eight groups, in which they competed against each other in 24-minute matches (two halves of 12 minutes each). Fierce games selected best teams which moved on to the knockout phase (eighth-finals, quarterfinals, semifinals).

“Every day we work in 12 countries where the company has branches are located. Today many colleagues saw each other for the first time, although they often talked on the phone before. Naturally, there was some competition at the tournament, just like each day at work; it is needed in order to develop and to achieve the set goals. It fits well the culture we have in the company. - said Ewald Raben, CEO Raben Group just before presenting the awards to the winners of the tournament.

After an extremely fierce fight in the semi-final and final matches - all of them were settled by penalty kicks - the teams on the podium were:

1st place:  TARNÓW - Raben Logistics Polska, Tarnów branch

2nd place  CRUSADERS F.C.  Raben Logistic Polska, Pikutkowo branch

3rd place  PRAGUE & BOHEMIA - Raben Logistics Czech

The defending champion, the CROSSDOCK GĄDKI team, dropped out in the quarterfinals losing to the silver medalist of these games. On the other hand, just like in any other professional championships, awards were presented to the top scorer, the best goalkeeper, the best player in the tournament and to the best fans.

TOP SCORER:  Bartosz Śmigiel (Raben Logistics Polska, Pikutkowo branch) - 24 goals

BEST GOALKEEPER: Piotr Strużyna (Raben Logistics Polska, Gliwice branch)

BEST PLAYER:  Kamil Kużdżał (Raben Logistics Polska, branch Tarnów)

BEST SUPPORT:  FANS OF THE STARUCHY TEAM (Raben Logistics Polska, Gliwice branch)

“Over 1,200 people took part in the event, including 300 players from 10 different countries. At the stadium, there were also supporters and children of our employees, who could take advantage of many attractions. We are glad that we could organize such a meeting in Poznań because the headquarters of Raben Group is located near the capital of Wielkopolska, in Robakowo.” – said Anita Koralewska-Ratajczak, HR Director, Raben Group.

There was a great atmosphere at the MOSiR stadium which supported the rivalry. There were also many attractions for fans and children of employees. The players of this year's tournament are already planning tactics for the next edition.

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