Thanks to the new program, the turnover of road freight vehicles accelerates

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The launch of the KAPU system in March 2018 has been a successful one for Raben Trans European Hungary Kft., as it not only accelerates the flow of goods but also provides a 'green solution' for the environment.

In order to provide a ready-made solution assisting the company quality processes, the Hungarian Business Unit of Raben Group – has developed the so-called KAPU software, which is manages the time the trucks spend at the depots, and much more.

"On a busy day in Dunaharaszti, hundreds of transport vehicles arrive to pick up or deliver goods to the logistics or cross-dock warehouses. Time is critical in logistics. The timeframes for deliveries and pickups must be strictly followed, as this is a prerequisite for the smooth operation of industrial and commercial supply chains. To ensure this, each cog of the "big machine" must fit and work correctly. A delayed departure from our site is enough for the transport vehicle to catch the rush hour traffic, which can ruin the distribution timetable. In addition, planned arrivals will also help to achieve the right transport capacity utilization,” Angéla Kovacs, IT Manager, explains the reasons of the launch of the project.

With the development of the KAPU system, Raben, wanted to optimize truck traffic on site, while simultaneously reducing administration related to the loading and unloading of goods and clarifying the communication of those involved in the process

The program is a multifaceted solution, far more than just traffic optimization software. For example, its benefits include fact that warehouse management can see traffic peaks on the basis of expected arrivals and this can be used to provide support for the work organization. In this way shift leaders can call in "backup" for the peaks which helps to balance business operations. In addition, general market trends can be extracted from on-site traffic and this can be used more efficiently to oversee specific processes linked to customers

"Drivers, warehouse operations, and gate services have also reported positive changes, which is a motivation for our IT team to further develop the system in several phases. The next step is to create the so-called "time gate module". With this, in the future, logistics and cross-dock warehouse administrators will be able to select time slots for calling in the trucks based in available ramp  within time frames defined by operational management. It will be possible to allocate ramps and time slots to specific customers. This is important because when a transport vehicle arrives to collect goods of a specific customer and the goods are in a certain warehouse, the system will logically log the driver to the ramp closest to the storage location," said Imre Veres, the father of the program.

In a later development phase of the time gate module, the company plans to release the available time slot information to its partners – as an online portal - so that the slots can be reserved in a self-service way, so the KAPU system will become practically fully automated.

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