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Raben Group is aware of the impact the TFL industry has on the natural environment. The company is focused on minimising this “footprint” as much as possible. That is the reason for launching a new social campaign: “Eco2way - on the way with ecology” based on a social experiment and a contest “Are you ECO Family”, in which Raben encourages ecological behaviours on a daily basis.

Care for the natural environment is frequently no longer a fashion but it is becoming one of the everyday activities undertaken by large business players for whom the good of the planet is a great concern. For Raben Group, one of the leaders in the logistics industry in Poland, taking care of the environment is one of the main pillars of its corporate social responsibility strategy.

“By conserving natural resources, measuring, reporting and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we act for the common good - for the future. We want next generations to have access to the same resources we are using now.” - says Katarzyna Bartkiewicz, Digital Marketing Manager, Raben Group - “We believe that each of us, through everyday activities, has an impact on the natural environment. If we combine our activities, we will contribute to creating a better tomorrow for us and our children.”

Adults care for the future of their children, invest in their education - enrolling them in private schools, sending to music lessons, teaching foreign languages ​​from an early age. They care about their health much more than their own. At the same time, they generate harmful smog, destroy ecosystems, bury them with garbage, contribute to the greenhouse effect, etc. They often don’t notice the correlation between the condition of the natural environment, which they directly affect and the health and well-being of their children.

Social experiment

On June 1, 2018, on the International Children's Day, Raben launched a new pro-environmental campaign called “eco2way - on the way with ecology”. As part of the campaign, a social experiment was carried out at the Educational College of the Poznań Educational Association “Dębinka” with the participation of a pedagogue and a child psychologist. Children were asked to draw how they imagine their happy moments spent with their family. Then the pictures were shown to their parents. Effect? Over 90% of works showed satisfied people surrounded by the natural environment. This is clearly an indication of what is really important and what makes us happy.

The main idea of ​​the campaign is to draw attention to the problem of environmental pollution. The campaign is also intended to evoke the desire to become more involved in basic activities related to the protection of nature, in the interests of future generations. A dedicated website was launched specifically for this purpose. The site offers many eco-tips for the whole family (how to care for the environment at home, in the car, on the road). The campaign is supported by influencers who are also interested in this subject: Oczekujac.pl, Szczęsliva.pl and Zuch.

The eco2way website also provides information on the pro-ecological activities of Raben Group.

Raben ecologically

We are all able to list the factors which have the most drastic impact on the deterioration of the condition of our planet. At the same time, we realize that as humanity, we are not able, at the current level of development, to give up industrial production or the extraction of certain raw materials. However, its is possible to use solutions that minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Each year more and more ambitious goals of reducing the consumption of fuel and CO2  emissions are set in Raben Group. The company's activities include investments in a modern fleet to reduce CO2 emissions. In 2017 the share of the means of transport with EURO 5 and EURO 6 emission standard amounted to over 50% of the total number of vehicles available for Raben Group in Poland. Subcontractors are encouraged to replace the fleet with a newer one by offering attractive leasing plans.

The pro-ecological approach is also visible in the warehouses of the Group. In newly established facilities, the company uses LED lighting systems, automatic lighting control, power generators, skylights providing access to natural light and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

This all translates into the amount of consumed electricity. In addition, a waste segregation policy has implemented in Raben branches and for example in the largest Raben company, Raben Logistics Polska, the level of waste segregation in 2017 was 93%. It is also important that the new warehouses protect the environment better in the event of a major incident, such as fire, by containing contaminated fire water and chemicals inside the warehouse.

The company is also trying to engage customers in its ecological activities. An example, apart from the eco2way campaign, is also the e-invoice=higher culture initiative which promotes the transition to an electronic version of the invoice. The campaign has been carried out for 4 years and so far, all over Poland, Raben Group has planted a total of 10,000 trees. Throughout the life cycle, these trees will help to neutralize about 5,000 tons of CO2.

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