Raben again took care of the career choices and the professional experience of young people

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Raben Trans European Hungary Kft. highly emphasizes social responsibility. It is important that young people learn about logistics from the best sources and thatis why they were offered a chance of taking a closer look at our company.

Raben has offered gave an opportunity to young people to take a closer look at the world of forwarding for several years now. To continue this tradition, a class of 30 pupils arrived at Raben premises on 04/13/2018 from the Baktay Ervin High School. First, they could hear Ágnes Bolyki, Marketing & PR specialist, talking about the structure of the company, some historical background and then about the CSR activities carried out Raben.  

Then, Gabriella Kállay-Szabó, HR manager, informed them about our services and possible job opportunities at Raben, also about the kind of education necessary to work here. She pointed out the importance of learning languages because the company is international. A job interview game was arranged with huge success. The goal of the event was to help the students through the hardest choice of their age - the career path. The students have visited many companies recently to facilitate their choice about their future career.

They were not the only students who paid us a visit. On 23 April, 23 students arrived from Corvinus University Budapest, from the faculty of international economics. They had a more complex presentation to have an overview of our processes, and to get some practical knowledge that supplemented their  lectures at the College of International Forwarding and Logistics. They could talk with Wojciech Mlynarczyk, International Road Network Manager.
Both groups had a chance to visit our warehouse where they were guided by Róbert Pesti, Cross-dock Manager. During the interactive trip, they heard about the work in the warehouse, and also had a Q&A session.

Raben branch in Pécs joined the initiative, because we want to make the career choice easier for youngsters not only in Budapest, but also in other parts of the country. So the school called Pécsi Szakképzési Centrum Radnóti Miklós Közgazdasági Szakgimnáziuma organized a “Day of Logistics” which was joined by Raben. A presentation was given by Zoltán Mihovics Regional Manager, with the title “Forwarding without pallets”.

The company wants to continue this initiative in the future and there are also plans for a permanent cooperation with Baktay Ervin High School. Due to the popularity we enjoyed, we want to start a regular logistics workshop with the pupils. The company wants to raise awareness that we shouldn’t only live in the present, but think about the future too.

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